The Hood

When going down to the wire paint paint should drip from it a thin trickle, drip almost (but not dripping). It is best to use a solvent 647, but will any 646, 647, 648. The higher the number, the fatter it and the more likely make some stains, so I recommend using the 646, the quality is not affected. Car is painted in three layers at least at a pressure of 4.3 atm. The gap between the layers of 15-30min.

The first layer is very thin almost no overlap. Next, I suggest to paint the places where the soil is (do not forget to give the paint to dry, otherwise it will flow). The second layer lies a good thing. And finally, the last layer or to the so-called brilliance. ConocoPhillips may not feel the same. This layer, you have to put paint so that she would lay evenly and did not have stripes, paint must be consistently, if you go back to tint matte band a little later, not what you can not do. Do not try sprucing ideally, you can make some stains. Brightness can be achieved with the help of polishing. The main thing that was NOT, gaps and spaces.

Finally, begin to paint the roof then the hood, trunk and sides. Now a couple of tips: painting size of the flare. All operations and processes are aimed at the minimum amount of time. Well … almost all processes. Technology, at least. Therefore, the wider and more evenly in spray torch, the smaller the number of passes you can do painter for painting body parts, the distribution will be uniformly sprayed on the surface of the product.