Board Screen

8 Things paper strips of newspaper lightly in the space between boxes.No bulging of the sides of the incubator.chips of wood or styrofoam can be used instead of newspaper strips. 9 Use Tin Tin snips to cut a two inch square from each corner of the quarter-inch mesh hardware cloth and fold down screen projection pieces so that they form the legs to support the screen. 10. Place the mold, covering approximately half of the surface of the box inside in the screen of netting. 11. Install the commercial heating according to instructions.If you use an electric light to heat, mounting the porcelain socket in a six inch square Board then, place the mounting plate on the screen.NEX, place a cardboard around the light tube.Place the tube so that it surrounds the light and remains as a chimney, but to reduce the risk of fire do not let that come into contact already with either light or the glass.A box of oatmeal would be a good tube. 12 Paste the external sides box lids of the inner box to close the zone in which the insulating material was placed. To create an incubator of wood that you need the following: plywood glass cake tin 1 / 4 – wire welded mesh netting heating unit: either a commercial unit or porcelain socket and a light bulbs tape you can build the incubator according to the desired size.It may be a small amount of only a few eggs or which may contain several dozens of eggs.Large incubator will be more difficult to maintain the temperature.You may even have to put a small fan to circulate heat. More information how to make a homemade incubator original author and source of the article