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In recent years, the majority of the systems departments has tackled some documentary technology project. Budgetary adjustments to those who have been subjected the CIOs as a result of the difficult economic situation and the need for a rapid return on investment, found in the roots of this technological commitment. Reasonable costs of such projects and the productivity gains obtained from its implementation, have also favored the takeoff of the documentary software solutions. But, to ensure the continuity of your success and advancement of the providers of these products, it is necessary to look to the future and continue to innovate. DocPath, company capital 100% Spanish specializes in the development of software solutions documentary, has brought together its experts to perform an in-depth analysis to determine what trends will mark the evolution of this technology in the coming years.

These are his five proposals: solutions more intuitive: the documents have become the main vehicle of communication between companies and their customers. Hence increasingly are more users who have to use applications to design and document generation. Not having a technical profile, the tools that employ in their work should be more intuitive, agile and simple. Increase in outsourcing: Although companies have their own departments of systems, outsourcing has become a very common practice when we talk about software for document management. Through outsourcing, organizations can focus on the focus of your business and ensure the quality of a critical service for them. New trends in mobility: smartphones, tablet PCs and netbooks have overset all expectations of consumption. Its massive utilization in enterprises continue to increase and may give rise to new uses in regards to the documentary software.

For example, capture signatures through digital devices You can significantly streamline internal processes of certain companies. Smart Storage: the world generates a volume of information per second near the 400 GB and all the forecasts point to that this volume will continue to grow at a rate of 50%. All providers are trying to find smarter ways of storage for resolving a problem that is increasing and in documentary software will not be the exception. ECM growth: according to the consultant PwC in 2020 80% of the documentary software market revenue will be generated through Enterprise Content Management Services. A trend that has already begun to emphasize and which very soon will have more force than the digitization of documents. In the coming years the documentary software market will experience a strong revolution and each one of the trends that we have selected will contribute to this situation occur. Be attentive to the needs of customers, the technological developments that will appear and bet by innovation will be the key to success, concludes Julio Olivares, DocPath founder and President.

Free Software

All those involved in the process of translation and localization of medical software (translators, agencies and manufacturers or developers) must be clear what is a health product according to the applicable European legislation: health product: sanitary product is considered any instrument, device, equipment, program computer, material or other article, used alone or in combination, including the software intended by its manufacturer for specific purposes of diagnosis or therapy and involved in its functioningintended by the manufacturer to be used for human beings for the purpose of: diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of an illness, diagnosis, control, treatment, relief or compensation for an injury or a deficiency, investigation, replacement or modification of the Anatomy or of a physiological process, control of conception, and which does not exercise the primary action that you want to get in the inside or on the surface of the body human by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means, but which function can contribute such means. Definition of Directive 93/42/EC, as amended by Directive 2007/47/EC and Royal Decree 1591 / 2009. I.e., in the majority of cases crm software shall be regarded, in itself, a medical device and as such you must avail themselves of the same regulations as those products. Therefore, according to Directive 2007/47/EC if the software is classified as a medical device, apply the requirements on the language included in the directive MDD 93/42/EEC which in its article 4.4, annex I, paragraph 13.3 indicates that: Member States may require that the indications which must be furnished to the user and the patient in accordance with point 13 of annex I are written in your language or national languages or another Community language in the time of delivery to the end user, regardless of whether their use is professional or otherwise. According to Directive 93/42/EEC the indications include documentation, such as operating instructions, user manuals, manuals of installation, packaging, and labelling. Additionally, for the software lawyers classed as medical device Directive 2007/47/CE, the indications would include the graphical interface (GUI) user, menus, dialog boxes, messages of error and status, the online help, etc. However, some manufacturers of sanitary products will try to argue that users of the software know languages other than the official of the State in which the product is marketed, however this excuse is not valid in any way because there is no reliable way to argue that each and every one of the users of such software are aware enough well the language in which is presented as to eliminate any risk for health, own or patients. If necessary, before more usual, that a client ask us to let the software in English (or German, or) French, etc) while it only intends to translate the help, must argue with data our opposition to such a practice and remind him, in order to not violate the law, should reconsider its position and proceed in the most natural and structured way to the translation and localization of your product: the first interface and subsequently help and printed documentation. To be able to argue more forcefully, or for those who wish to read the documents mentioned in this entry, I leave these documents to your consultation or download in my public Dropbox folder.

Video Converter

With YouTube FLV to AVI to video converter publish PowerPoint PowerPoint presentations to video formats. On July 17, 2012, Shenzhen, China – YouTube FLV to AVI software co., Ltd., a professional multimedia software company, which deals with Blu-ray disc, DVD -, video – and audio-software development, has announced the release of a new ingenious software, namely YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint to video converter for Windows users. YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter as the name suggests, can PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily, including AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, FLV and 3GP, convert video files of various formats, even HD formats, are supported. A comprehensive range of optimized output profiles are prepared for users, so the PPT2Video converter also for beginners suitable. Also, it preserves all original elements such as animations, sound, transitions, and film clips. Supported the PowerPoint versions 2000 / XP / 2003 / 2007 / 2010 and PowerPoint Viewer. Now you need to not worry about if you Their presentations to clients, friends, or colleagues want to send but not are, that they can open the presentations. Simply send the PPT files them in video format, as a video player on each PC is installed. For more information about YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter please go to: powerpoint-to-video /.

Karlsruhe STP

The connection of LEXolution.KMS on the Microsoft solution is realized by STP on the suggestion of the Office. The firm-wide introduction of LEXolution.KMS is at the end of the year. We expect simpler processes through the new system easier and faster procedures in the Office”so Darji. This includes among other things the possibility to generate detailed controlling reports without great expense and to improve the control of the firm through the information so obtained. In addition, with LEXolution.KMS Oppenhoff & partner has a modern platform based on current technologies, providing all relevant functions in a single solution. Mitchel Resnick brings even more insight to the discussion. Existing proprietary developments, which are very expensive in maintenance and care, can thus also be replaced. Through open dialogue, which we constantly with our customers, we can implement their requirements and needs quickly in our solution”, as Holger Marggraf, Board member of the STP AG. We are very proud, so trust a well-known law firm as Oppenhoff & partner to have.” About Oppenhoff & partner Oppenhoff & partner stands for more than 100 years of legal advice at the highest level.

The independent law firm advises national and international entrepreneurs and companies fully in the economic and tax law. Thinking like entrepreneurs, acting as a lawyer”is the philosophy of some 55 lawyers in Cologne. About STP Informationstechnologie AG STP Informationstechnologie AG was founded in Karlsruhe in 1993 and today is the third largest provider of legal software in Germany with almost 100 employees. Core competence is the development of software solutions and information systems for Economic Advisory firms, liquidator, judicial authorities and all institutions related to this circle in contact. Through a holistic-based services, from telephone support, organizational consulting, STP AG’s customers receive support far beyond the product offer.

The management software is one of the outstanding products LEXolution.KMS for Economics-advisory firms. The solution was developed in close dialogue with the large law firms. Support the firm line as well as the optimization of the daily work within the firm is at the heart of modern office software. Numerous functions help with the extraction and processing of mandates, their performance-based billing and automated distribution of proceeds to the code-based firm control.

Blogging Software

How to learn how to use the Blogging Software? Many of the blogging software is specifically designed to be easy to use, but until the least intimidating program it can be very overwhelming for someone that has not passed much time in learning the intricacies of the different types of software in this regard. In particular for new bloggers, learn how to use the software’s interface for blogging is the hardest part of blogging. If you are someone who feels comfortable to communicate by other means, may be worth your time and effort to learn blogging software, but mind you, does not mean that the task will be easy. The main thing that will help you find success as you learn to use a new kind of software for blogging is to try to take things slowly. Many people both excited by learning to blogging that accelerate the process too and begin to explore the more complicated features of a program immediately.

This can lead to feeling confused, frustrated, and many potential bloggers will burn during this stage of the process. If you take your time to learn the basics of the software program to blogging before moving on to more advanced techniques, you may retain more what they have learned, and continue to positive feeling about ability to understand the world of blogging. In my next article I will try on the software and tools to create and edit blogs that are free (FREE). Prof. Reinaldo Alvarez.

Software Platforms

August 20, 2009 – The Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic has signed a contract with Master-D group, the Spanish leader in open, allowing students and teachers of this Central American country the use of the software platform Educans education, designed by that company training. Educans is an e-learning tool created for secondary education levels for managing study time and correct the errors in the act by optimizing the educational effort of students and teachers. The secretary of State visited the headquarters of the Group Master-D in Spain earlier this year at a meeting in which were the bases of this agreement and other projects for joint collaboration. The projections of the General Secretariat of Education of the Dominican Republic to establish a first stage of use of the platform that will allow the granting of up to 6,000 licenses to use such software until January 2010. This Master-D has shifted to a team of professionals Santo Domingo to get used to trainers and teachers Dominican Educans management.

A second phase of the contract provides for the complete use of existing content adaptation platform to the curricular content of education in the Dominican Republic. According to the developer of this platform in Psychology Dr. Manuel Fandos "is like a tool that both teachers and students, and allows users to achieve good results in the endnotes and support both inside and outside the classroom" . Fandos Educans added that teachers are given a tool 'integral' as it allows teachers to monitor those custom content of the students and parents and students themselves instantly check the progress and achievements. Exercises the system corrects itself and gives back information on the spot, so teachers can know when the student has worked, how long they have studied, what is wrong and so can be corrected and learn from their own shortcomings. For learn more about this platform please visit the website The signing of this agreement is another step in the line of international expansion, according to the Strategic Plan Master-D Group has.

Site Statistics

We have already mentioned in passing that, according to the company, professional statistics should not be reduced to obtain records of attendance of your site. Therefore, in the final package were introduced additional features. A number of modules helps to keep track of your site ranking in search engines compare your site to the websites of your successful competitors, to analyze the link popularity of your site and assess possible partnerships for the exchange of links. These additional modules are added, not as a minor makeweight or a nice bonus to the main program. Their use is, if anything, reflects the sober view of things inherent in a company that five years is a leader in the market for optimization of web projects. Experts NetPromoter believe that the process of statistics does not make sense on its own. Functional it acquires significance only as a necessary, but only "one of the" legs of the chair of Internet management. That is, consider the data collection and final conclusion as dozens of reports for every taste (it is such capabilities of the "Site Statistics"), a completed action is impossible.

Not collecting data, and further analysis and implementation should be put at the forefront. All products are compatible and successfully complementary. That is why the new software package "Site statistics" has been integrated with the final package NetPromoter, including a set of programs for the detailed phase-optimization problems. Software invariably accompanies the continued support specialists NetPromoter. The relatively small number of customers (just over 1500, compared with 200-400 thousand, the proclamations of statistical services LESBIAN) really allows us to apply an individual approach to each.

Latin America ISM

Since 1990 the consulting firm ISM, located in Bethesda, Maryland State in the United States, has developed annually a detailed analysis of CRM software products available in the market. Ranking developed by ISM each year, in which CRM solutions are qualified has become a benchmark of great importance in the software market and an award in a ceremony is awarded to best qualified 15. We have had the opportunity to use the analyses developed by ISM and they are very complete, since they include nearly 217 evaluation criteria for each of the software solutions. The results of the best products are published in the spring of USA and this year have left the results this week. Let’s look at that he says ISM to CRM solutions. First of all is necessary to understand that ISM has classified CRM solutions in two categories.

The first is identified as business solutions. This classification corresponds to solutions that can be implemented in companies or large corporations and that may be in ability to support concurrent operation of hundreds and thousands of users in multiple geographic locations. The second classification is known as SMB (Small and Medium Business), which means small and medium-sized enterprises. By American standards, this means companies among 10 to 1000 employees and that billed between 0.5 and 500 million dollars. In the European Union there is a census of approximately 19 million companies in the SMB segment. Some analysts of technology industry and companies in the sector defined as SMB companies that billed between 1 million dollars and one billion dollars (1 trillion for North Americans).

I believe that a very high percentage of our companies in Latin America they fall within this classification. Another interesting know topic is how how ISM performs its evaluation of CRM system. ISM has a test lab, which follows a rigorous methodology in the evaluation of 217 criteria for each test.

Research Paper Excerpt

“(…) the subordinate social groups who suffer the most rigorous of the social and economic crisis have great difficulty in sustaining the education of new generations. A dangerous combination of problems of meaning (why go to school, to learn what is taught there, etc.) of performance problems (absenteeism, failure ena evaluations repetition, etc.) and supply problems (which makes it more attractive and “rational” an activity that involves an entry to go to school) ends up interrupting the education of the teenagers and young people (…) “(Tenti-FANFANI : 2003) analyzed the young people today, means to meet new social subjects more complex socio-class structure, they are also exposed to successive crises and shape a collective consciousness, to understand its dynamism, it is necessary to visualize the context in which is the framework which is stained by the contradictions of class, there can be inferred that their nature is fragmented, the underestimation of young people can not see his true power for change, as well as raises Reguillo Cruz: “(…) was easy to make young people both “scapegoats” in recipients of institutionalized violence, as in Figure dela formidable “enemy within” that transgresses through its disruptive practices as legitimate the social order (…) “(Reguillo CRUZ: 2000) a face of adverse situations specified and that have become” natural “can lead us as expressed Phillippe Meirieu a” (…) to sink into resignation , for fear of ourselves taken to the destruction of others and ourselves, we prefer to destroy all interest in the other. We well escape but in reality, we condemn ourselves to both la immobility: in rejecting the teacher, we reject the educable and educators, we give to education (…) “(Meirieu: 1998) therefore, I believe that to” escape trap “could begin lasnormas respect democratic way of organizing and managing our coexistence in the educational context would banish vital educational inequality where the poorest areas experiencing receive an impoverished education that prevents its retention in the system, or as expressly Blejmar Bernardo: “(…) Research Paper Excerpt from Neoliberalism, State and Education Case: Argentina to be carried out by Miriam Gualberto (anthropologist, University of Buenos Aires) in February 2010. Anthropologist. University of Buenos Aires.

Voice System

Locally, races offer visitors the chance to get close to the drivers and the trucks through the open paddock. Total over 600,000 spectators are expected, which is a clear proof of the popularity of the sport.” The successful racing driver will allow a look behind the scenes during the race weekends daily on their blog and online regularly spectacular images. Here, the fans get the chance to learn things and to watch, which are rarely available in the TV broadcasts. Also, there is as of now a regularly updated video blog, which can be called through the website of Sikom. The Sikom Software GmbH is leading manufacturer of contact center solutions and automated Voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications.

Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal speech recognition system VoiceMan, as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, the voice authentication of United voice ID, Sikom AlarmServer and t.e.o. (billing system). In addition to numerous awards, Sikom is prize winner of the sustainability award of the innovation award of the German economy in 2010. With strong partnerships, including in major research projects with universities and industrial partners Sikom can boast great successes. The customers include HealthCare pharmaceuticals, Henkel, Microsoft, numerous supply companies, banks and savings banks as well as authorities and municipalities like Telekom, inter insurance, arvato, Boehringer Ingelheim, Techem, Bayer.