Messenger World

Is attributed to his training evidence of having bequeathed his musical inventions; preliminary exercises for the Hata Yoga practice, principles of arithmetic, treated in medicine, through the sacred art of Alchemy; the art of handling of metals; the three-stringed lyre; the ceremonies of worship unto God; studies of astronomy; writing or engraving, and many other skills. Hermes Trismegisto is regarded as the father of the type of knowing that bears his name: Hermeticism, most there to make a clarification on this issue, and is that it is not a single author, but several (a group of initiates), which is easily understood because otherwise, it would have to have written day and night to produce 2,000 books that are known of him. The name Hermes means mercury the Messenger of the gods (for Egyptians, Djehuti (Thoth), the God of wisdom, patron of the Magi) and Trismegistus is a Greek word that means three times larger. So this would be rather the meeting not only three grandmasters, but three major schools: Egyptian, Hebrew, and Greek; the mention of mercury, the Messenger of the gods, is the intermediary between the divine and the profane and indicates that the word of the three Magi is a sacred teaching. By what everything leads to believe that large number of books of initiation and esoteric tradition were grouped under what may be called an eponym celebrated. Riddles related to his activity led to emerge from the hermetic literature (Hermes has the power of the word, know the magical formulas) only affordable to insiders in the revelations of God. The scribes who accessed their knowledge was known as sacerdote-lector. To Djehuti was worshipped in Hermopolis Magna.

The books attributed to Hermes found in the Corpus Hermeticum. The medieval Christian tradition venerates him as protector and guide of the hermetistas, who practice the science of Alchemy, magic, astrology and the Kabbalah. He is credited with the drafting of the Emerald Tablet. THE true emerald table, without falsehood, certain and very real: what is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like what is below, to perform the miracle of the only thing. And how all things came from one, by the mediation of one, so all things born of this unique thing by adaptation. His father is the Sun, its mother is the Moon, the wind took it in its womb, the Earth was their mother. The father of all perfection in the world is here.

Its strength will remain full while it was poured into the Earth. You separaras the land of the fire, the subtle from the gross, gently, with much ingenuity. Amounts of Earth to heaven, again descends to the Earth, and receives the strength of higher things and of the lower. This will give the glory of the whole world. Then all obscurity will flee from you. Here is the strong strength of all strength, because you shall overcome all subtle and will penetrate in all solid. Thus was created the world. You have here admirable adaptations, whose way is that it has been said. Because of this I was called Hermes three times great, possessor of three parts of the philosophy of the world. Completes what he had to say about the work of the Sun.

Virtual DAnatomical Museum

New distance learning technologies are gradually becoming part of our lives. Innovations in education are designed to assist in the preparation of competent and competitive professionals. In biology in general, and in the anatomical science in particular, learning is primarily based on the real drugs. Study the structure of the bones on the picture you can of course, but here as practice shows, learning from the textbook focus on the real object rather difficult. Therefore, despite the fact that the Internet today there are many sites of anatomical museums, the possibility of using them in the learning process are limited. However, the development of technology is not standing still, and today there is an opportunity to study three-dimensional models of organs and structures. Especially a lot of three-dimensional models can be found for the human anatomy. In the study of zoology and anatomy of the same animals, the number of available high-quality three-dimensional models is small.

Therefore, the basis for training in this area still are flat images. Of course, the students in specialized high schools have the opportunity to work with real drugs, but life drugs that are in "active use" short-lived, so a set of drugs is often incomplete, and the demonstration material is damaged. So in a famous university students studying veterinary skeleton horse, the bones of which was replaced by bone cow. It is clear that the quality of the knowledge gained in this way, say no. As for example, school children, on the biology classes, they almost always have to teach the subject only speculative, on the textbook.

Fill shortage of teaching materials can help a virtual 3D-anatomical museum department of anatomy of the Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine. By registering on the site and download a special program that anyone can get into the 3D-space of the anatomical museum. Unlike the real museum, the exhibits you can take hands, viewed from all sides take apart and assemble again. Another feature of the 3D-anatomical museum is that it can be organized as separate classes and lessons with a teacher and even guided tours. On the basis of the virtual museum and scientific conferences and organized correspondence courses of biology and statistical data processing in a biological experiment.

International Meetings

With regard to assistance to the victims, a the United Nations Declaration urges Member States to provide medical, psychological material and social support to victims by the government media, community or volunteers available, also points to the obligation to provide information on such services by facilitating access to, training for police and social staff to be responsive to the needs of victims that help ensure rapid, appropriate and finally that the assistance be provided, taking into consideration the special needs required because of the damage sufridosa . Violence in its range such as we have seen is a manifestation cruel and that I could find anywhere, including the Family, who have evil consequences faced, all of this makes us reflect on the importance and need to overcome the trend of violence and its impact on the victim, not to deny or not recognize it cease to exist, not about learning to live with violence, but to perceive it as a phenomenon of controlling and transforming society. CONCLUSIONS There has been no doubt an awakening in the World of Victimology for national and international measures to allow gairantizar recognition and respect for Ilos rights of victims of crime and abuse of power, estableiciendo vicitimas protection to the crimes. The phenomenon of victimization is growing very fast, but still need preventive and awareness of the factors involved to take measures to prevent the emergence of violent interactions among individuals and the community. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bilbao, Desclee de Brouwer.

About their victimization. Basic concepts. Marchiori, Hilda. Victimological Relief Network. Morillas Cuevas, Lorenzo.

Assessment of gender violence from the perspective of professional law. In Review: Electronic Penal and Criminological Science. Morillas Fernandez, David L. Mistreatment of older people. Another form of violence. In Review: Electronic Professional Science and Criminology. Morillas Fernandez, David L. Particularly vulnerable victims and battered women. In III International Meeting: Summer School in Havana on contemporary professional matters VII International Congress of the Cuban Society of Penal Sciences, Cuba July 13, 2007. Morrison, Andrew. Prevention of violence and crime: The experience of the IDB. Von Henting, Hans. Victimology. Grant Zamora, Jose. Victimology models.

Regional Advertising

Today, the Russian advertising market is viewed quite a serious problem with the quality and effectiveness of advertising. Most likely, this is due to the large annual recruitment market with new advertising agencies, employees are not enough qualified and have substantial experience in the advertising industry. Thanks to these firms Russian advertising has significant losses during the time of development, the accumulation of positive experiences and increasing the budget of the advertising market. During the existence of the Internet in Russia was not created by any Internet resource that would allow us to collect and systematize the common experience of marketing and advertising agencies. Just the opposite, none of the representatives did not wish to share the negative experience of the advertising firm, he represents a positive nuances carefully hidden. This is understandable because this is a corporate secret, but if you delve into this issue and drew on past decisions, we can avoid future mistakes that are usually accompanied by huge losses.

If the Russian market players pull advertising major cities, with regional advertising, things got much worse. Here, every now and advertising production companies that create tangible promotional product, rather than information management. Ie regional agencies offer already finished goods or service as a shield or ads in newspapers, advertising text and design of the customer or as a free (for low wages), an application to purchase advertising space. Advertising campaigns are not computed, and the market is not analyzed. Hence, a huge budget, attracted to the advertising and low efficiency. Tver Region is one of the closest regions to Moscow, but by no means the most successful. Advertise it has developed long and not very significant.

He has a sufficient number of television channels, newspapers, billboards of outdoor advertising and other things. But the economic situation in the region still falls short of its goals. The fact that many entrepreneurs Tver, Tver Oblast and the city Kimry in particular pinning great hopes on advertising in the beginning (and in the process) of their business, but do not get the desired result from a particular agency are disillusioned with advertising and looking for other methods, wasting time and money. Of course, it is clear that in itself is not advertising can be an "improvers" of business, and its success depends on many other of its sides. But in the Tver region is a little who are interested in, and not all know about it. To be continued

Influence Situation

It is not recommended that the Crisis committees are led by highly emotional people who confuse aggressive action with effective action. These people can neither act as spokespersons because it is easy to make them lose control and make mistakes all the time. How many times repeats the story of managers or aggressive directors carried out a series of bold moves of reaction that confer them a great apparent power and control over their adversaries. But this is momentary, since they are acting rashly and with great emotional force of enemies who then join. Be permanently reacting makes that a company and its employees are exhausted, until inevitably they can not more.

We must ask the following question: what sense be frantically reacting if ever we have control of the situation? Why always we we have to react to the facts rather than direct them? The answer is simple: we have a wrong idea of power. In the handling of a crisis situation, where the company has to act immediately, strategic thinking has to prevail even over reason and emotion to have power. The essence of power is the ability of keep the initiative to achieve that others react to our actions, achieve that the adversaries are kept always on the defensive. This will enable us always manage the agenda, have the power and control of the subjects of public debate. To me cost me many experiences understand this lesson: we must learn to master the emotions and not acting under the influence of anger in crisis situations, when the libel and slander are obvious and outrageous sometimes in a smear campaign. The theme of the strategy is complex but fascinating and captivating. We can not pretend to design effective communication programs without considering these elementary principles. If we understand the dirty campaigns or attacks media as war actions and act with cunning and intelligence, a crisis situation can become a wonderful opportunity to make a relaunch of the image of our company.

Silicon Dictatorship

Perhaps there is no example clearer determination and at the same time of lateral thinking than this of the great Macedonian conqueror, military expression of the imposing Greek culture. This Gordian knot of parliamentary elections not be unleashed with conventional, or logical thinking with the aggravating circumstance that those who act of leaders do not have even this form of reasoning. Trying to calm here and there, the political inept that are favorite guests from harmful programs of opinion call for a marriage between parties and civil society and are allowed up to accuse the citizens of impatience and injustice since they supposedly run to accuse parties of each defeat. It is not that. With mental structure of this ilk can not analyze and less conclude something reasonable.

The knot is not desatable and therefore should be marching towards lateral thinking, as loomed it up. Lateral thinking, if someone does not know what I’m talking about, is equivalent to the breaking of the usual way of thinking. We must unravel the known paths and leaving the identification between object and subject, or better, between signifier and meaning (for example, this is a bed and the beds serve to bedtime). It is what I’m trying to talk to a country that does not even have forms of habitual thinking. As things stand, these tragic choices of which I have said will mark a decade of the life of this country – can become rather several decades without light. The tragedy is a paradox nor Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides could imagine and is an election to reduce us alternatives to dictatorship or dictatorship.

Desleidas appearances that will survive will fall made tattered by action of the revolutionary stones. The image that comes to my mind is the in the without par Greek actress Irene Papas falling in Clytemnestra, Anticlea or Electra. Then the only alternative is not democratic, it will be the replacement of one dictatorship on the other. For the sake that is: because do not endanger the batches fortunes, because air is make unbreathable, because ungovernability arrives to threaten with dissolution, because honesty of a military youth tired do hatching, because amalgams of history combine all in a whirlwind called chaos that produces an overload that burn the connections of the Republic. And above all, by the absence of civil officials who maintain the civil way, by a lack of leaders who deserve that name and know how to speak the language of democracy possible, by lack of talent and honesty I understand many want to find in the hope of change dramatic terms in this equation. It is why you have to resort to lateral thinking, conceptualizing a new democracy, cry before the immensity of the desert against impotence and maintain on the Palm of the hand a small flame that while you burn the skin dares to compete with the searing power of events that arise with all the force of the nitrogeneno, hydrogen and Silicon that are ready to burn the entrails of the Republic.

First Offshore Wind Park

On Tuesday 27 April, the Federal Environment Minister, Dr. Norbert Rottger has officially opened, "Alpha Ventus", the first offshore wind farm, which is located 45 km north of the island of Borkum, Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Dr. Muller GmbH The company stresses the importance it represents the opening of this innovative wind farm with 12 wind motors equipped with a capacity of five megawatts each. Thus aims to produce the energy required to meet annual consumption needs of around 50,000 homes. The launch of Alpha Ventus is a step forward not only for development and technological advancement of the wind sector, but also for research into new projects in this area.

Dr. Muller GmbH The firm based in Ahlhorn (Lower Saxony, Germany) was a leading supplier of parts made of Nomex , Mylar and Thermiflex. The pieces above were used in generators and electronics of this wind farm. For this reason, Dr. Muller GmbH is very proud of the great success of this pioneering project Alpha Ventus park, which was built by the consortium formed by EWE, E. ON and Vattenfall Europe. About Dr.

Muller GmbH Since 1967 Dr. Muller GmbH is a supplier of electrical insulation materials and products thermally conductive and during this time has been characterized by offering a high quality service. The company provides components and isolation systems for the industries of solar and wind as well as for companies that manufacture vehicles and electric motors. A wide variety of SMEs and Industries rely on our products and the application of our technical solutions. Dr. Muller GmbH Zeppelinring Ahlhorn 18 D-26 197 Phone: +49 4435 9710-10 Fax: +49 4435 9710-11 Mail:

MTE Average

Following this line of reasoning the dynamic regions absorb specialized the qualified migrantes to become each time more. Studies point that the migration provokes an increase of the average incomes of the regions, states and of the Country. The level of the state of Par we can cite Parauapebas that due its specialized industrialization if became a point of attraction of workmanship hand and with this it increased its average income of the city and the state. For Saints and Blacksmith (2006), the movements of migration of man power migram for where the income is bigger, however the expulsora region of has an increase in the work productivity, due to bigger scarcity of factor work and getting a rise in the income. Already for the receiving region a swell of workers will occur and the average income can lower. With this it can be observed that the migration provokes convergence of income between the regions. In accordance with the historical past the incomes of the Brazilian population still suffer some preconceptions from that the man earns more than the woman, the whites earn than black more and aboriginal, diligent of the agricultural zone it earns less than one of the urban zone. This will be verified in the studies of the coefficients of income of the cities of Par (SAINTS and BLACKSMITH, 2006) .5. Objective main METODOLOGIAO of this chapter is to describe of form sucinta the instruments for definition, election, treatment, comparison and criteria of analysis of the dynamics of the productive structure from secondary data of the Ministry of the Work and Job – MTE of the Federal.Esta Government methodology also admits for the results of the research to translate the information geographic it computer and to offer to representative concepts of the reality of the productive structure in study through maps temticos.5.1PROCEDIMENTOS METODOLOGICOSO study of the dynamism of the productive structure of the cities of the State of Par has as proposal to support if in the methods: comparative degree and description.

Diets That Work

To be honest, I have always had the idea that fast diets have always rebound (and usually is). I was weighing 91 Kg the last 4 years (my years during the Bachelor) and with the work that I had during the race as well as my commitments with my family, believe me didn’t have time for me to do 2 hrs daily exercise, but do not like the idea of putting at risk my health with pills and much less put me to vomit. I also thought the Atkins diet but I have close relatives who suffer from cancer and I have understood that this diet promotes the consumption of meat and saturated fats, definitely I can not apply it. That does not mean that became annoying to my family tell me gordis I know that it was love but eventually comes to hurt, and by more than my boyfriend I said I love you a lot, I saw that sometimes looked at other women. I thought that being chubby was not a problem so nasty but I confess that I came to the point of weary me. Feel me sorry to say it but my mom and I us cooperate to a unit for sit-ups that sold on infomercials in the morning (I recommend that you never do that, and nor buy their products for kitchen) and then just made us lose time. Then my mom was with a nutritionist and gave him a diet of 1500 calories you worked us so well, she dropped 11 kilos in 2 months and half doing their exercises, I downloaded 4 kilos the first month because I not had time for exercises, and the truth if it is a strict diets. I started looking on the internet and as the same heap of pages with products (you should that the internet also has its infomercials), I decided to try a program with several very tasty recipes, this best work for me although the first month lower a bit more slowly, but good I have already 3 months eating what I say and already weight 62 kgFortunately these meals are more balanced and are not strict as the diet of 5 kilos.

Examination Commission

Admission Exams (interview) is chairman of the committee to verify the above-mentioned documents. Decision on admission to the examinations after samostelnoy training (externally) takes the Chief Inspector of small boat of the Russian Federation by the Chairman of the Examination Commission. The decision on admission to the examinations made in writing on the form of a personal point of skipper (gives the Secretary of the Commission) with the announcement of the examinee places, dates, times and order of the exam (interview). In the case of refusal of admission to the examinations, a personal card master's showing in her motivated reasons for refusal, instead of submitting the documents returned to the master. Received the statement of disagreement with the skippers causes of failure are considered in 5-days from the date of their receipt.

Examinations for the right to control shall be in the bulk sample program for the area in navigation, followed by a test of skills control the appropriate type of the vessel. Examiners tickets drawn separately for each area of navigation. Evaluation of knowledge produced by the student's record system. It is deemed nesdannym if examinee was unable to give correct answer more than two questions on the ticket. Examination results are issued in a personal account of examiners master card ("credit" or "Fail"). Individuals who receive "Fail" shall be permitted to resit not earlier than 7 days. Secretary of the Commission after making the results of the exam, inform the examinee about the procedure for obtaining permits, place and circumstances of the audit of management skills vessel, while necessary – on the order of re-examination.