Labelled Network

During the coming days, Facebook will introduce new controls settings to give more privacy and control to users on their profile, accept or reject a photo, for example, or share certain information with friends or not longer be decision of each person individually. In a press release, where this social network we reported officially, said that these developments have emerged thanks to several generalized requests from users and every time that you add an application, system will prompt the user in a clear and intuitive who can see it?, and this may limit who your contacts or friends can access freely. This change means that configuration controls of the new tools offered by the social network should be so accessible, i.e., present at all times during navigation and not in the privacy options and other sites that look for to configure them; Similarly, all the information that is displayed in the profile (from the date of) birth to any family relationship) user you will have a drop-down menu and you can decide with whom share; This will allow the user to change who your contacts or friends can access to see her or if the next day no longer wants to see him. Facebook has also taken into account connections of the contacts (friends, friends of friends, etc.), to which the groups and different ways to relate to anyone who has an account opened with this social network are managed directly by the user, i.e. can unlink or share any information that has been selected; equally if earlier, when a user is labeled him in a photo and it appeared immediately in your profile, it will now go through a review process and give the acceptance or rejection of the same. . Among some of the novelties we can specify: tag photos for users who are not friends reject or accept a picture in which a user appears labeled before publication add locations to an image control which friends can view each content being shared to specify why you want to delete a tag.

Internet Curtains

You have decided to do sewing curtains, you have the desire, but you have no idea where to start, what courses to choose from. Catching up on sewing curtains for over 10 years. Many times, faced with a shortage of information technology and sewing curtains swags. Most training courses are focused precisely on the theory. Since the practical part of lessons, the most costly. Selection of teachers is problematic as well, one must have practical experience.

Study technology sewing curtains for the Internet is difficult. After studying this issue, I came to the conclusion that in the first place, should be a practical session. In order to bring this practical part of lessons for beginners, have been created video courses, sewing curtains and bedspreads. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info. As well as the site for sewing curtains, where published articles and answers to frequently asked questions. In the video lessons are explanations for all questions clearly and shot all of the points as from the cutting tissue, resulting in a finished product. Shown is an example. You turn on the film and not leaving the house are learning, sewing.

Along with courses set is full size patterns, to build the classic soft lambrequin. In Lessons are given all the explanations for working with patterns. All calculations of tissue. Video tutorials price much lower than comparable full-time courses in sewing. In addition to the video courses are patterns, so students do not need in their search. Well, the fact of learning remotely comfortable. Usually after a week studying send photos of their first works to me by email. These defects, if any, and explain how their correct, I am sending a photo with the recommendations of the back. And after a while, I get a photo of a revised, usually more questions arise. Judging by the comments of the students, quite lucidly, especially since Some of the students in the video lessons were held before the traditional courses had not learned how to sew. But now, many are taking orders and sew your own. Watching a video course, students can make curtains, pelmets and blankets are not worse than in any salon, I think that many will turn better. Sewing curtains could become a means of earning quite good at home. Many housewives, or those who are on maternity leave, and will actually be able to earn at home, including those women who have retired. Through the development of Internet and communications, distance learning makes it possible to cover a wide range of wanting to learn how to sew curtains. In support of this kind training, and says such an important fact as the level of obuchayuschihsya.Ne's no secret that in one study group are people who have different levels of knowledge and practical skills. If one group is a seamstress with years of experience in tailoring and outerwear man not too long ago learned to do a straight line and properly ironed, losing both. With distance learning you can choose the necessary information. So you are free to choose the time, you can include video lessons at any time. If you need clarification or advice, you can always get in touch via the internet. Also on the site You can find new and useful information to discuss the style of curtains and bedspreads. To share interesting information. That's the distance learning sewing curtains, bedspreads.


The collection and comparison of results was through the summary report provided by the SPAV to complete the evaluation. We obtained 256 pairs of reports. Results The results obtained from the summary report of the SPAV allowed the following analysis: Comparison of results obtained with the Test of Articulation of Repetition and the first application of SPAV. We compared those items that both tests evaluated: phonemes in initial position, middle and end, consonant and vowel diphone diphones. The overall results of both tests agreed 100% (Normal, dyslalia and presence of PSF). Comparison between the two applications of SPAV in relation to the number of matches obtained. We compared the first application made by an audiologist, and the second application of SPAV, performed by another professional, finding an average of 81.02% a overlap between the results obtained from both applications. Given the above results we can conclude the following:

a SPAV The software presents the same results as the Test of Articulation to repeat with the advantage of automatically process the results without interference from the examiner. 2. a The coincidence of results found between the first and the second application of SPAV, conducted by different examiners, was highly significant beyond 80% matches. 3. a The application of SPAV is surprisingly quick, independent examiners. Obviously the more the user becomes familiar with the test, the faster your application. Importantly, there was a 18.98% of discrepancies in the results obtained by different examiners and investigators who attribute it to the following: Differences among examiners: The clinical experience of each of the examiners and in particular their ability to discriminate sounds and PSF of children with more problems may have influenced the difference in results.

Management Knowledge

When night falls, fear tends to the door, and when the day he moved to the hills. Afghan proverb The dictionary defines knowledge as “the product or result of being instructed, all the things that are known or that are contained in science.” The dictionary agrees that the existence of knowledge is very difficult to monitor and reduce their presence to the detection of its subsequent effects. The knowledge is stored in the person (or other agents). This makes it almost impossible to observe. Some authors believe that “knowledge is the ability to solve a particular set of problems with a particular effect.” Knowledge is an integrated set of information, rules, interpretations and connections made within a context and an experience that has happened within an organization or a general or personal.

Knowledge can only reside within a connoisseur, a particular individual internalizes it rationally or irrationally. As noted, there are multiple definitions knowledge, from the classic and fundamental as a true and justified belief, to more recent and pragmatic as a mixture of experience, values, information and know-how that serves as a framework for incorporating new experiences and information, and is useful for action Most people have the intuitive sense that knowledge is something broader, deeper and richer than data and information. We will try to make a first definition of knowledge that allows us to communicate what we mean when we speak of knowledge within organizations. Knowledge is a mix of experience, values, information and know-how that serves as a framework for incorporating new experiences and information, and is useful for action.

Russian Realty

Also in Europe are highly popular eco-friendly products (PVC skirting or other plastic now there are hardly used), although this is not about Russia. However, the manufacturer operates within the framework of the market, where it manufactures its products, ie arranged under a certain consumer and the size of his wallet. Produce moldings of high quality is possible and in Russia, but the road skirting a cost-effective floor covering (laminate) will not look very nice. And this is taken into account. This is a of the main problems of manufacturers of accessories on the floor: they are quite difficult to operate separately and independently from the manufacturers of floor coverings. But today, manufacturers of accessories for laminate flooring may offer exclusive and unique products that are still designed for a very small percentage of buyers (about 5%), as this is the number of people in Russia can afford the expensive accessories. Not so long ago the market baseboards divided into the cheap and expensive. But now he is full functionally: cheap, with cable channels, with different types of outlets, exclusive, expensive and very expensive.

The segment is now almost fully formed. At the same time you can always add something exclusive and extraordinary, but to create a new segment in this niche would not be inappropriate. Russian Reality tendency to simplify – the main trend, which is so characteristic just for skirting Russia. Many manufacturers of moldings and accessories offer unique products, the costs are very large and complex installation.

Private Construction Of Houses From Glued Beams

Good day my dream is a house of laminated veneer lumber. Of course, I came to this is not right and how many people in our country first, like a house cheaper, ie, made of ordinary timber or a maximum of bricks. Algorithm for building a house own this. 1. Man buys land. For more information see Ray Kurzweil. 2. Puts it shed for temporary accommodation. 3.

And quietly builds his house. Basement, walls, roof and trim. For me this is not an option because have children and live without terms of my family can not. This option only seems simple in execution, in fact, a similar long-term construction is harmful, especially for the home. You as the sole builder of the first construction season, so he knocks of the forces that you have lost all the enthusiasm and the house is not at risk of being unfinished. Remember how exhausting simple repairs in your apartment.

And if you use a cheap material, and the process of building carries no pleasure. Poorly hewn logs lie askew. You notice a wide gap between the rims, which tell you about the additional costs for finishing and insulation. That way of arguing his own house, I came to his Dream. In the network a lot of information about the benefits of certain technologies. Some are very cheap, others expensive, but higher quality. Everyone is trying to show the best side of their product, so I will not repeat here technological characteristics. If desired, you can find it yourself.

Real Estate Agencies

How many articles have been written about the crisis and falling real estate prices, but I was curious about how the crisis will affect the real estate agencies, will increase if the demand for private realtors. And anyway – what are the prospects development of real estate business. Just want to warn that the figures that will be mentioned here, are not supported by any research and this is just my personal feelings. So let's begin. What will happen to the agent after end of the financial crisis is not difficult to foresee: the number of agencies will be reduced, major real estate agency will gradually eat the smaller ones, are under severe crisis conditions will survive all complicated. There will also be widely spread sale of franchises, using that medium-sized agencies will increase their presence in the market.

If the fall of the situation with property prices are not stabilized, the percentage of 25-30% of real estate agencies do not break down and cease to exist. Part of experienced Realtors joins the ranks of private brokers, will join the other part to the large agencies. Already we can see how very large real estate agencies, such as "Miel" and "Best", reducing their offices, trying to cut costs somehow retain their brands. The agency "Mian" generally goes to the regional market. Of the five largest real estate agencies in Moscow will be able to survive the crisis, probably only a few, which include "MIC Property and Inkom. During the crisis will increase the number of private realtors, I think that the number of transactions, conducted by private realtors reach 25-30% of the total.

But even among private realtors do not everyone can pass the test of crisis. Someone generally leaves the profession, someone will join a real estate agency, but those who can withstand the severe conditions of crisis, after it will just rest on our laurels, fighting from customers wishing to use their services. Outcome. Over the next few months to reduce their activities several large and many medium and small real estate agencies. Survive only real estate agency, which in its arsenal are all kinds of services: rent, suburban, commercial, overseas and residential property new buildings plus the professional and cohesive team, leadership and technology literate work in the real estate market.