BE2 Sponsors BarCamp Munich 2009

Wii and other awards media competition ‘for two’ win Munich, the October 16, 2009. Next weekend, the 17th and 18th October, meets the online scene at the BarCamp Munich 2009 at the Munich Exhibition Centre. Internet experts, bloggers, software developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises interested in exchanging about Web 2.0, social media, software and trends on the Internet. The online matchmaking be2 operates its corporate blog for more than two years and thus is an old hand at the bloggenden company in Germany. After a successful sponsorship of the BarCamp Berlin last year was the decision to support the event as a silver sponsor quick hit: “we are looking forward to the BarCamp Munich 2009 and especially on the intensive professional exchange with the participants”, Fiona Brutscher, author of the German forward corporate blogs An ideal platform to make new contacts and maintain old!” On the occasion of the BarCamp Munich 2009 be2 has something special “thought: be2 looks in the media competition for two” for the best answer to the question: what is two twice as nice? The participants are called upon to take a picture of their idea, to rotate a video or write a blog post. The best entry wins a Wii game console because Wii also play two twice as much fun! And as a consolation prize, three Twister games beckon. For more information, blog/barcamp /.

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Discrete Rooms Help Over The Winter

Cheap accommodation for clandestine meetings of the fling is after all not a seasonal phenomenon. Home lurks the “better half” and in the car it’s first permanent uncomfortable and secondly: cold! Discrete here offers an ideal platform for landlords to advertise their well-maintained pension, or for private people who occasionally profitable want to rent your apartment or the Gastezimmmer. Cheap fling in whole Germany are searchers available here. The accommodations used often by fixed couples who just want a change of scenery or try out as “it” would be in the water bed. Freshly baked fathers on the other hand, can use the room finally again to sleep alone. Page jumper can be found here from the simple bedroom with TV and minibar, via the luxusiose apartment with whirlpool bath, to the erotic furnished room with four poster bed and matching facilities. The private providers charge between 25,-and 100,- Euro for one night. Hourly rent is also possible in many cases.

The hotel is to be seen less anonymous and in the lobby of a friend, is an unpredictable risk for fave. Even the best excuse is provided through the cooperation with Germany’s largest alibi Agency. Cheating is no longer reserved for men. On “”, women also often book a nice nest for extramarital sex.

Fisker Automotive

The internal combustion engine is a discontinued model long especially the German automaker against an electrification of the automobile had put up a fight. The hybrid drive as too expensive, unprofitable and on German roads were considered impractical, rather inefficient electric cars. It sat still on proven and praised above all vehicles with diesel engine as a solution to reduce fuel consumption. In the last two to three years then came the great shift. The Japanese carmaker Toyota was celebrated all over the world for its more than a million copies-sold hybrid vehicle of Prius and small, unknown companies such as Tesla Motors in California or th! nk in Norway, even successfully pure electric cars built.

Meanwhile, the Manager of the big automakers agree that the internal combustion engine is a discontinued model no later than 2050 only electric cars sold. The vehicles will have the electric drive of togetherness, but there will be differences in the production or storage of energy. This can be an additional generator produced, the fuel they burn through fuel cells, which generate electricity from the reaction of hydrogen with air or from batteries charged at home or at the gas station at charging stations. While the German manufacturer in the field of hybrid vehicles currently take their first steps (E.g. Mercedes S400 hybrid, BMW ActiveHybrid 7), the Japanese manufacturers Honda and Toyota looking back hybrid experience already around 10 years.

The Toyota Prius is currently already the third generation on the market. As it looks at the electric cars: Volkswagen is planning its first electric model, the VW powers! 2013 at the earliest on the market will bring, Japanese and French manufacturers remain there long. So is the Mitsubishi iMiEV already in Japan on the market and comes in 2010 along with the nearly identical models Citroen C-zero and Peugeot iOn also to Europe. In the United States, in particular the launch of the electric car is expected in 2010 Volt. The vehicle is finally for the rebuilding, and the realignment of General Motors. As you can also the plans of another car manufacturer sees (for example Renault with four electric cars from 2011), is the electrification of the car to stop. In addition to the major car companies, pushing even more small vendors like Tesla Motors, Fisker Automotive, and many more on the market and try especially attractive niche to fill. Remains only to be seen when the majority of electrical drives and what car manufacturers still in the race.

PUBLIC Public And The Rest Of The World…!

or: How can alternative living look else? Who has not heard of him? The forest people? Drop-out? The one that ate also worms and snails? PUBLIC public shows what the people seems impossible – a life outside of civilization… and that in the middle of Germany. Movies with and about him have been shown in several times already and the stomach turned around some, if he ate snails with relish. It also snails are only a small part of the food chain, in some countries even a delicacy. When you consider how expensive is such as caviar and considering it where this comes from, then must surprise it a little, so the eating of snails to be nauseating. Like terms are then used as granivores to discriminate against people. Now grain or herbs, fish or meat, man cannot live without food.

Most can no longer imagine outside Nahrungsmittelbesschaffung of shops and supermarkets. There is rarely questioned under what circumstances languish animals before they are slaughtered, it will grow barely scrutinized circumstances in which vegetables, fruits and herbs before they are harvested. Many toxins are now required to ensure the profitability and few ask price at which this is happening. Since Quadratmerter is for square feet of nature destroyed, concreted over, platt made anywhere in the world – and one forgets that one eludes the livelihoods of the people, in the long term, thus. Is this a part of the evolution? Is this the life that the man eventually destroyed itself? PUBLIC public and the rest of the world – no, he’s not, fighting he lives! Again and again he finds followers who stay even for a while, but eventually wins most of the unreasonableness. You again return to a “normal” civilized life. Manages only a few to understand the thoughts and ideals of this “forest people”. But interest, show that everyone, especially the media.

It may be that here is a Is basic need of many people addressed? Right! More and more people, especially in Germany, are looking more and more for the nature and its processes, as well as for the dependence of people from the same. Increases the inlet at the wilderness schools and interest in nature, thus at the same time indicating where the trend is going. Those who are interested can find out more at and who would like to meet offi or enter into a dialogue with him can do so at There, each Museumsbetreuung will find also information about the donor movement founded by public public. Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)

Santa Claus Leaves The Sled For Your Car!

How to win your car rental this year many satisfied customers without an agency that helps your sales with expensive advertising and marketing on the jumps? This year was not easy for many car hire companies so far, because companies were reduced on a necessary minimum travel activities and had to save many individuals. Therefore, many car rental companies are wondering, as the last few weeks of the year can still be a success and how sales can be still improved. Official site: HCL Technologies. “” There are exactly three ways, a car rental can increase their sales,”Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser, author of the book know the secret of marketing for car rentals”-are these three ways: customer acquisition, cross – and up-selling, and customer loyalty. ” To win new customers new customers is the classic way to increase sales and profits. Of course, this is often not so easy. It means to get those customers in my business, hiring cars until now with my competitors? How do I get these customers so in my Business? The answers to this question are almost endless.

But the prerequisite is that new potential customers know that it gives you first of all. Classic advertising are needed such as phone book entries or promotional flyer here. The second condition is that they offer something what makes you interesting for new customers. The occupation of a specific niche can be (E.g. only luxury cars or just floats), a special offer or a particular service.

You should make out this feature in your advertising customers for the first time in your business venture the way. Cross-and up-selling, cross-selling is the second pillar when it comes to sales. It leads to make more sales with existing customers. How’s that? Cross-selling is a kind of cross sales, and means that you offer more products and services, which may be of interest to your customers. These additional products or services are subject to the alignment and size of your business. Examples are car accessories, Maps or even insurance. Up-selling, however, is to move customers to higher quality car hire. So, by making him attentive to special vehicles, for example, and thus attract the attention of customers. Customer loyalty customer loyalty is the third way with which a company can increase its turnover. Why is this so? Many customers change car rental at some point and try another, for any reason whatsoever. So we always have a natural churn”or turnover of customers. Customer loyalty, however, means to counteract this natural fluctuation. It means to make the customers who already have rented a vehicle for you, regular customers and to make customers loyal regulars. A first step is to go back to always good quality and a special, friendly service. These aspects are unfortunately still not everywhere of course. Therefore, you have a good chance to stand out from your competitors alone on an excellent offer. More Opportunities are also special customer loyalty programmes. E.g. loyalty cards can be or bonus booklet, where your customer for repeated rentals for you with a little gift or an upgrade to a better class of vehicle will be rewarded. With these three pillars, car rental companies have the opportunity to keep their revenues stable even in tough times, and even increasing. Dr. Anne-Katrin Straesser is management consultant and author of the book the secret of marketing of car rental companies.” This book appears in a few weeks on the market, but is available at in advance as an ebook.

Divine Begins

I assume that it is nothing new for most people who read this, that you can have also an other way apart from the material, which requires that lives an invisible-acting behind all the Oberflachlich that appears. And for this reason the below mentioned by me will be divined at least if not even learn. We just jump to the people who develop other senses such as the physical or for the functions of the subtle body Open. Man in addition to the physical seeing of materiellen phenomena, also to perceive different, namely the previously invisible, intangible, begins the unthinkable, which lives in the things or even behind the things in this case. He developed the ability to be empathic, intuitive to know accept it an inner voice, and he begins contact to accept contact with the consciousness, which is directly linked to these phenomena.

And it begins to slow from the strong identification to vanish off connection with the physical. “Begins so the phenomena in contact with, which are outside of our material world view and what we as a subtle” call. And he is in the course of time with this in mind continuously maintain relationship, what inevitably a rapprochement, is round drawn feel, an imagining of related to his brings. Disseminate, if this relationship is still maintained and cherished (and this Continuous care is absolute condition for a thriving in this direction) is feel of aligning set similarity, and the man can identify itself from this moment with the consciousness, which we call the GottliChe, the original of all. This means that at this moment, he knows that he is not his body, not his feelings, not his birth, that he has this consciousness everything only temporarily, to human experience”to collect. That he, the man who essentially consciously be is, which considered all of these things and in this case as deliberately perceiving being, which temporarily is a body at disposal, all that can to abdicate best use of earthly and exploit. So has a body and not the body. With what is not material and transitory demnach, namely feels the close, what not flies or loses itself feels related, with the Divine and eternal in itself. Wiederum, this means that we in this case already with some have identified us, which is subject to not the transience and need therefore nothing to worry about, something to lose. On the contrary, we support what is changing, is so ephemeral, because we know that this is part of the natural transformation process and we therefore perceive the transformation rather than at the end, as the ultimate death loss so as a constant flow of the birth as a willkommenen profit of the infinite unfolding process of that is basically the life. Things come and go, we stay divine beings.

The Argonauts G2 Pitch To Win The Apollo-Optik Website Relaunch

The Argonauts G2 win pitch to the Apollo-Optik website relaunch the Argonauts G2 have decided the pitch for for himself. At the beginning of the year, the optician chain to the relaunch of its brand website had let pitching. The multi-channel Agency in a Germany-wide pitch against renowned competitors could compete with their innovative approach. With over 650 eye optics specialty shop in more than 200 cities Apollo-Optik is Germany’s largest optical chain. Unilever brings even more insight to the discussion. The company, the Argonauts offline support G2 since 2006, has entrusted the multi-channel Agency now also with the makeover of his website. Thus the long and successful collaboration between agency and client in offline is now expanded a valuable cooperation in the field of online.

The brand website is by the Argonauts G2 with regard to structure, user interface and design are completely revised. With the relaunch, the optician chain aims at a contemporary optical booster as well as a stronger Visual and emotional positioning of the brand to Apollo-Optik..

Tips And Recipes Around Monster Slush Ice

Is your drinks without juice and power? Looking for your events and events still a product that you will pull your guests out of hand? Something that can appeal to all ages alike and offers an optimal profit margin? A product, the combination possibilities yet still offers and never get bored? Then you should check out on all cases deal with the purchase of a slush ice maker. “This device, raw material, different taste and color directions producing ice out of a kind of juice, the slush, which all have one common: they are the juice drink” in the form of snow! Uniquely refreshing as ice, fruity and tasty like juice”. And the best part: you are unique in their combination and thereby again and again new! Due to the snow-like nature you can stacked layers of several different colored flavours and thus give great color and taste effects the drink, which then either eat your customers or as a juice with the blade can slurp. You may find Xerox to be a useful source of information. Of course you can create ice of ready also shakes on milk-based and the most delicious cocktails with the slush, quite without effort and super fast. Either select directly from the wide range of cocktail variants, or mix a base that need to mix directly into the product container with the appropriate alcohol and then just drain out the fruity juice varieties. New selection “and create cocktails, if you mix classic recipes with each other by you layer them one above the other.” This formed beautiful color and taste levels, which intermingle with each other over the course of time.

Fill for example a strawberry daiquiri on a peach daiquiri, to pamper your guests. Or present a delicious, Classic Margarita with salt rim. The trick here is that the glass in lemon juice and then in salt is submerged. And the Margarita itself runs ice maker iced and seductive, ready-made from the slush. With the typical,. delicious Curacao touch and a lime on the edge of the glass this cocktail is popular as an aperitif, or just so, even in between. “Or create your own: for example a Sundown over the sea”: to the blue grape juice in the form of slush ice as the basis, the sea almost, to the Sun, Orange passion fruit slush and about the last bright rays of the Sun, where the pineapple sets the tone.

Engine Barcode For Documents

The BFD or Motor Barcode for Documents is a set of terminals COM and NET in the generation of user applications on a PC which facilitates knowledge generation bar code via user-friendly documentation or knowledge. Some of the known codes, are, among others, designated as Code39, Code128, Code93, DatMatrix, PDF417. The BDF is an easy to use because it allows the generation of bar code with a few lines of code, using a setup string of code generated by Visual Designer barcode. Thus, bar codes can be generated within the user application, in PDF, Word or other word processor on which it is allowed to combine to generate a barcode. The Barcode Engine for documents (BFD) is designed to minimize time to market and reduce operational costs, thereby achieving easy process evaluation, generation and development of examinations for the bar code system. To generate a barcode engine applied to a word processor is necessary to use specific software as Barcote Inlite Generator or using System.Drawing, the following parameters: a Generation Barcode barcode = new (); gen.Configure (ConfigString) / / string to use Bitmap bmp = gen.CreateBarcode VBD (userdata); bmp.Save (bc.tif ", / / Save as TIFF System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Tiff) This process proves to be a reliable operation. In the United States is known as BFD Runtime Engine which means that it is an easy to install in production environment, while providing solutions and reliable results. The licensing of VBD and the SDK for BFD are provided in an open and free in some countries with an unlimited evaluation period of 60 days. However, unrestricted use of production requires a runtime license for each computer running the software.

Nokian Tyres Gmb

Caption: Unique slush tests Nokian evolved his tyres photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian photo shows 132: product photo Nokian WR G2 SUV tire rim profile visible. In recent months, HCL Technologies has been very successful. Photo caption: The eco-friendly SUV winter tyre Nokian WR G2 SUV drives sure weathers

11, November 1, 2009 of Nokian Tyres due to the severe Northern weather Nokian tyres from Finland one of the world’s leading winter tyre specialists and multiple test winner with over 70 years of experience. Developed and tested under difficult and harsh road conditions in Finland, Nokian winter and summer tires, high quality and high reliability are designed to provide. The Nokian brand stands for eco-friendly premium tires only with harmless low-aromatic oils. Even in the crisis year of 2009, the company achieved a solid result and a better Cash Flow in a difficult market. The net sales of Nokian tyres was 798,5 million euros in 2009 to 1080,9 million euro in the previous year, so was 26.1 percent lower. The profit before taxes reached 102 million euros (247 million euros). The Cash Flow from operations amounted to EUR 123.1 million (EUR 9.5 million).

The great profitability of the tyre manufacturer is also the study of the manager magazine”clear: Nokian tyres is the most profitable company in the automotive industry. In Scandinavia and Russia, the high-quality brand has a great reputation and a good reputation. Dr. Falk Kohler PR 20 years makes the Dr. Falk Kohler PR for successful PR leader, sold their products to and increases their profits. Therefore, it has excellent references. Excellent advice, qualified concept and creative strategy guarantee high quality. Interesting topics, important news and strong photos create large press presence. The holder is a journalist, has a 16-year old professional practice at large media and wrote more than 30 success stories of top companies.