PUBLIC Public And The Rest Of The World…!

or: How can alternative living look else? Who has not heard of him? The forest people? Drop-out? The one that ate also worms and snails? PUBLIC public shows what the people seems impossible – a life outside of civilization… and that in the middle of Germany. Movies with and about him have been shown in several times already and the stomach turned around some, if he ate snails with relish. It also snails are only a small part of the food chain, in some countries even a delicacy. When you consider how expensive is such as caviar and considering it where this comes from, then must surprise it a little, so the eating of snails to be nauseating. Like terms are then used as granivores to discriminate against people. Now grain or herbs, fish or meat, man cannot live without food.

Most can no longer imagine outside Nahrungsmittelbesschaffung of shops and supermarkets. There is rarely questioned under what circumstances languish animals before they are slaughtered, it will grow barely scrutinized circumstances in which vegetables, fruits and herbs before they are harvested. Many toxins are now required to ensure the profitability and few ask price at which this is happening. Since Quadratmerter is for square feet of nature destroyed, concreted over, platt made anywhere in the world – and one forgets that one eludes the livelihoods of the people, in the long term, thus. Is this a part of the evolution? Is this the life that the man eventually destroyed itself? PUBLIC public and the rest of the world – no, he’s not, fighting he lives! Again and again he finds followers who stay even for a while, but eventually wins most of the unreasonableness. You again return to a “normal” civilized life. Manages only a few to understand the thoughts and ideals of this “forest people”. But interest, show that everyone, especially the media.

It may be that here is a Is basic need of many people addressed? Right! More and more people, especially in Germany, are looking more and more for the nature and its processes, as well as for the dependence of people from the same. Increases the inlet at the wilderness schools and interest in nature, thus at the same time indicating where the trend is going. Those who are interested can find out more at and who would like to meet offi or enter into a dialogue with him can do so at There, each Museumsbetreuung will find also information about the donor movement founded by public public. Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)

GreenAcacia Investment

Forest investment provider ForestFinance on Hamburg environmental fair ‘goodgoods’ from 27 to 29 May 2011 in the Hamburg exhibition halls find goodgoods the environmental fair”held for sustainable consumption. On 8,000 square meters environmental firms present the most innovative and attractive sustainable services and products. Visitors will find a wide range of the areas of living, fashion, mobility, nutrition, health and wellness at the environmental fair. The goodgoods environmental fair aims to combine ecology and responsibility with quality, functionality and design. For even more details, read what Microsoft says on the issue. In addition to the product range, an interesting social programme with interesting lectures, workshops and discussion forums in the Centre is on the environmental fair. Among the goodgoods issuers, both environmental business and environmental associations and NGOs are represented.

An Advisory Board of independent experts to ensure that products and exhibitors meet the high environmental and social standards of the environmental fair. The environmental fair goodgoods is climate neutral performed. The Advice to climate neutralizing the non-avoidable amounts of CO2 and CO2 reduction is performed by the ForestFinance daughter CO2OL. Sustainability goodgoods determines also the design concept for the exhibition halls and the stands of the exhibitors of the environmental fair. Sustainable forest: strong ROI and value-stable environment interested investors are invited to inform themselves on the ForestFinance environment booth about the BaumSparVertrag and other forest investment offerings. ForestFinance offers sustainable forest investments that combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. The company was awarded Global Award in the field of financial services partners as the world’s first German company FSC.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the world’s most recognized eco-label for environmentally and socially responsible forestry. The BaumSparVertrag provide investors from 33 euro per month an own species-rich tropical forest as a profitable investment. A tax-free yield is predicted by five to nine percent. Find out more information See “with our sustainable forest investments we offer a profitable addition to sustainable investment. Our more than 7,000 customers have shown that more and more people want to invest wisely”, stresses ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. Forest investments characterized statistically in North and South America by small fluctuations in value and attractive returns. So the American forest investment index, NCREIF Timberland exceeded index until 2009 several decades by an average of 14 percent annually with low volatility and only a single year of loss. About ForestFinance: ForestFinance specializes in forest investments, which combine a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between several sustainable forest investment products. In addition to the BaumSparVertrag, there are several other forest investment products: the WaldSparBuch offers from 1,000 square meters a forest investment with buy-back guarantee. Annual income offer CacaoInvest, an investment in organic cocoa and Hardwood trees and GreenAcacia, which has run only seven years. Through the afforestation of ForestFinance forests, rainforests spared, CO2 for decades bound and newly created species-rich forests. Fire insurance and post-warranty planting, as well as five percent safety areas at all forest investment products in Panama of effective investor protection contribute to. More information at

Step By Step Success Orchids Grow

Tips and tricks for successful propagation of own orchids. Apply the orchids as the Queens among the flowers is among other things to the beauty and the colours that reflect the countless flowers with the beautiful shapes in the eyes of the beholder. So flatters himself the Orchid in our heart and every flower lover is to ask the question, how can I multiply this gem. But orchids are not only the Queens in the world of flowers, but also very sensitive prima donnas, requiring a special care for the successful propagation to achieve the extravagant beauty and the flower richness of the old plant. It is important first has become whether the Orchid, which is to be increased, to a local, tropical or subtropical plant. Native orchids grow and multiply on a specially prepared dish and belong to the orchids grow on stones and rocks terrestrial plants, Lithophiytische and Epyhytische orchids grow on other plants that use it as a host. The difference between the most orchid species is that the native plants must comply with a winter rest.

The proliferation of the orchid can be both seeds and eyes. Orchid seeds are very small and have no endosperm. So, a seed capsule can accommodate up to a thousand seeds, making an offspring from seeds very difficult and tedious. Best results are obtained when the seeds near the roots at the mother plant on the floor is brought and kept constantly wet. With a little luck, then form Protokorme where after about three months of small discs formed which grow very slowly and require a constant care. They must be kept constantly moist to prevent drying out.

After the plant has a sufficient size it is strong enough without the mother-plant the symbiosis fungus from coming to and can be transplanted. Orchids are bred with in Vitrio method, the roots of orchids are isolated and on a special medium, in which all Substances contained who needs the plant, cultivated until young plants have evolved. The growth above the average of dormant eyes or buds is the easiest way to grow orchids. Resting eyes are called, that through proper disconnect also dormant buds and plant it in a substrate roots can form and grow beautiful orchids. Tips for healthy orchid plants: there should be no hard tap water to the pour be used, better is it over the Orchid with rain water to roar. The soil should be loose and permeable to prevent water accumulation. The roots tolerate no foot baths. Use always a special Orchid fertiliser. To increase the inflorescences, it is enough to make most of the plant at night cool. During the day, the plant should be bright without being exposed to the direct sunlight.