German Energy

Renewable energy as a career chance Berlin, October 2009 in courses with a focus on renewable energy Berlin takes a nationwide a top spot. It said economic State Secretary Dr. Jens-Peter Heuer today at a multidisciplinary ClubE course at the Technical University of Berlin. As an example Heuer called the Bachelor’s and master’s degree environmental technology / renewable energy”offers the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) as the first full-time study on this issue in Germany. Honeywell has plenty of information regarding this issue. Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important but also for the economy and the employment market in Berlin. In Berlin the German production and development of solar-generated energy is. In the event under the title of renewable energy as the Berlin future market”around 150 young students participated and informed themselves about the future market of renewable energy and green jobs” in Berlin.

Representatives of six Berlin company Inventux technologies AG, Berlin City cleaning, Siemens AG, Berlin Energy Agency GmbH, Berlin Partner GmbH and SunCoal industries GmbH informed in workshops on job opportunities in their respective fields. “” Company representatives as well as professors and lecturers from universities and research institutes gave explanatory introductions to their respective topic areas of solar thermal and photovoltaic “and biomass”. Mainly engineers, but also technicians, skilled workers and craftsmen, such as system mechanic, industrial clerks, or IT-system electronics are nationwide demand according to a study cited by Heuer of the science shop Bonn. By the same author: Xerox Holdings Corp.. Moreover, there are numerous occupations. In the first quarter of 2009 alone there have been more vacancies a quarter than a year earlier, so Heuer. By the economic crisis, renewable energy of less affected than other industries were strong. Prof. Miranda Schreurs from the Research Centre for environmental policy of the Freie Universitat Berlin stressed the importance of a comprehensive transformation of the energy supply system and of international climate protection for the chances of future Generations and diversified the diverse areas in which social scientists for climate protection are active.

Innovation policy needs well-trained professionals Heuer made it clear that the Berlin innovation policy consider a link between science and policy. “This bridge is also a part of the energy concept given by the Berlin Senate commissioned by 2020, the title Effizient_Erneuerbar_Zukunftsfahig” bears. Well-trained professionals are needed to achieve the goals formulated in the mission statement. The event was designed by the Berlin Energy Agency jointly with the centre technology and society of the Technical University of Berlin and the Research Centre for environmental policy of the free University of Berlin under the label ClubE and organized. Patron is Harald Wolf Senator for economics. ClubE is an energy and climate protection policy forum which regularly takes place in the programme Berlin impulses the Senate environmental management. It is to young people about the causes and consequences of climate change inform and they actively engage in a cross-generational dialogue with politics, economics and science. Contact for journalists: Volker Gustedt Berlin Energy Agency Tel.: 0 30 / 29 33 30 – 19 fax.

Best-of-2012 – Award Of The Initiative Mittelstand For Docuplex

The DMS solution docuplex of norpa GmbH has the jump into the top 10 of the industrial price of the Initiative Mittelstand in the category ‘ IT & software solutions ‘ managed and a best of 2012 received award. “” Belongs with its data capture software image2data norpa already among the top 20 in the category DMS/data management “innovation award IT 2012. who pleased another award us all the more it underlines but the almost unique ability to integrate by docuplex in other applications”, so Christian Emmrich, Managing Director of norpa GmbH. Due to the great international interest in his solutions of docuplex and image2data the DMS manufacturer from Hamburg is currently accordingly to expand its distribution.

So, norpa recently presented its products in Croatia. In particular on the OCR recognition of Croatian language with their specific special characters potential users were interested in a feature that hardly a third-party dominated. Recently, there are also country-language versions of the docuplex Web site in Croatian, English and Danish. The cloud-enabled DMS solution docuplex specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies designed and offers all the features of a modern solution for integrated document management. It supports a flexible document management for mobile workers at distributed locations and integrates very simply as a component in other software products. If you have read about EXL Service already – you may have come to the same conclusion. These are thus expanded rich document management functionality in the blink of an eye. The image2data suite is a data-capture software for automated data discovery. It integrates the norpa’s own or an any other OCR engine and accepts the assignment, Keywording, and categorization of data streams independently.

The desired payload can be as well as bar codes, extract and process in other applications from PDF and image files. This integrated in image2data Scripting language allows an automated document processing in any high complexity. About norpa GmbH the norpa GmbH with headquarters in Hamburg and Brandenburg, Hennigsdorf/Germany, develops and sells software solutions to optimize processes, in particular in SMEs. Focus ERP and POS systems as well as integrated solutions for document management (DMS/ECM) and for the automated processing of paper-based data (OCR/ICR).

Hugo Chavez

The Hamas guys can finally settle comfortably in America, creating new cells terrorist, manifest, anti Jewish and anti-American propaganda, and throwing bombs at the home of the great Satan, with direct support from the White House. Throughout history, anti-Semitism became virulent, when when power turned against the Jews, causing larger divine and human tragedies. Always with a powerful leader to head a poor them by economic imbalances, or any other reason. What will happen will depend on their true convictions, his decency, political environment, the wisdom of the Congress and the media, and the popular response that causes. His reforms are taking place at an unusual speed. Follow others, such as Xerox Holdings Corp., and add to your knowledge base. In barely a month, Obama wants to undo and redo everything.

It is that when the popularity ratings are high, the rulers can do almost what gives them the win, even more so with a friendly Congress in both chambers. The dispensing of multimillion dollar loans to save the economy, should be done in stages, for four years, but will be delivered beforehand, giving him the opportunity to pretend a false recovery, that last bit and will be for a few.Obama is aware of that upcoming durisimos times. You know that the solution is not in the short term. You have to produce a shift in industrial production towards new forms of creation of goods and services. Electric vehicles, ecological houses, massive and fast transportation, a wide range of inventions will emerge, but not in two or four years.Prosperity does not come with the Obama plan, on the contrary, things will get worse, and recover from the measures being applied, it will take more time and wear in the future. They come at least ten catastrophic years. If the Americans leave no will cajole by the discourse of the brand-new Hugo Chavez, within two years, in the forthcoming legislative elections, Republicans could achieve majority, which would serve to curb the President and his socialistas-mesianicos delusions.