Cancer Smoking

Smoking harms you constantly hear the phrase, but still smoke. It’s believed that Mitchel Resnick sees a great future in this idea. Even on cigarette packets are written to the health risks of smoking, but people continue to smoke after reading. This is because they are not really aware of the dangers caused by smoking. Smoking has a very negative effect on your health. This negative effect is not fast, so people smoked. Smoking can lead to death.

Many people know this but do not believe. Smoking is not only bad consequences for your health but the health of everyone around you. Studies show that passive smoking also increases the risk of deadly diseases. Credit: Abigail Black Elbaum-2011. Many people will develop serious health problems such as cancer, lung disease, heart disease, emphysema, etc. Each of these diseases can be fatal.

The influence of smoking on cholesterol. Smoking increases the level of bad LDL cholesterol and reduces the level of good HDL cholesterol, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis. Smoking and Cancer Smoking can cause not only lung cancer, but also many other cancers. It can cause uterine cancer. Cigarettes affect the entire reproductive system of men and women. Smoking also can contribute to cancer of the mouth, throat, obviously. Along with that cigarettes can cause cancer of the kidney, larynx, head, chest and neck. Smoking – cause of heart disease. The combustion of tobacco produces a life-threatening substances such as carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nicotine, and many others. Carbon monoxide is prevented from entering oxygen to the heart through the red blood cells. This reduces the blood's ability to deliver oxygen. Smoking causes acne in women Smoking is not only changes the complexion and accelerates skin aging. Lack of vitamin E in the skin, which is synthesized by half in smokers is the cause of acne. Quit smoking, you will no longer spend their money on the damage to their health. You will not only significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, but also get a tangible improvement of health.