Dan Ariely Had

We teach our young to dominate the universe exterior, but we do not teach them to dominate its world interior. The man became a stranger for he himself. The young does not know its limits; they had not learned to ask for pardon; they had not learned if to place in the place of the other. Not we teach them to contemplate the beauty, to think before acting, to perceive that its right finishes where the right of the other starts; we do not teach them to deal with the inevitable failures nor humildade to recognize its errors. We transmit knowledge, but we do not teach wisdom. Learning, necessarily, if discloses for the modification of behaviors. So that the learning really happens, the transmission of a knowledge is not enough only, but yes the construction of abilities and abilities. According to Israeli psychologist Dan Ariely Had, the evolution did not prepare in them to live in the modern society that we construct.

We construct a technological and consumista society, where the valoresmais importantesso having more than the other, the being more than the other. Values as personal accomplishment, interior harmony, thought in the collective one, are things that do not find space in this so hasty society, so imediatista, that it only fixes its look in here and now. We say in them evolved, but we need laws and forces of containment to live in society. Not to be this, we would live equal to our ancestor, in the barbarity. The animal lives by means of natural biological laws, is part of the nature and it never exceeds it. The autoconscincia, the reason and the imagination had made with that the man breached the characteristic harmony of the animal existence. It is part of the nature, subject to its physical laws and incapable of he modifies them, but he exceeds the remaining portion of the nature.