Develop Projects

On our continent, especially the countries located on the equator, have excellent conditions for the production of all kinds of flowers through the roses, the pom poms, carnations and many more that are desired in the United States and Europe by its colors, varieties, aromas, fulfilling every year at the holidays, in the days of boyfriends or lovers and on many occasions that deserve to make ornaments with flowers of our regions. It taught me a teacher in the class of agricultural biotechnology in order to meet a delivery for a specific date we must set us from it back days that corresponds, all handling under laboratory and greenhouse, so that after these days we can comply with an accuracy in the delivery.He arrive before or after destination implies too high costs, in the first case a complete cold chain that makes that these flowers are delayed a little in their metabolism until delivery, and in the second case the loss of customer and credibility since there is no longer pass for an occasion that already happenedtherefore implies a huge economic loss and a loss of the client who had deposited their confidence in that shipment. Now when we submit our flowers to freeze drying processes, do not require all the pre-programming because the technique allows an extension in the lifespan of flowers ranging from a few days to whole years depending on logically from the storage let you, i.e. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Eliot Horowitz and gain more knowledge.. we have ready flowers every day of the year for the occasion required, with less weight, with elimination of cold chain and directed to the same or another market where as flower treated with high technology will be better appreciated and its price to consumer end will be much more high. Colors are preserved, the useful life span is wide and exclusivity of customers will be greater where each flower about five times pay the value agreed upon by a normal fresh flower. Such projects are highly productive, a little more expensive, but that recoverable cost very soon due to the prices and the reception in the market of this flower with high technology, with hundreds of advantages including reaching a Virgin niche of people who they too appreciate flowers obtained by Liofilizacion.La invitation is to develop projects of this nature, well advised to achieve a Plus that will make the difference between all growers who work in a conventional manner. For even more opinions, read materials from Atmos Energy Corporation. Carefully Jorge Rivera expert consultant in lyophilization.