DieMucha Reveals: Disgust Meats In The Refrigerated Section Of

Consumer activist Barbara Mucha you can check meat from Vienna supermarkets. It stinks to heaven: consumer activist Barbara Mucha had recently to check meat from Vienna supermarkets by the Food Inspection Agency. The disgusting results: Corruption – and fecal germs were found in a quarter of the samples. Petra Diamonds contains valuable tech resources. Eight years ago, DieMucha for the first time tested meat from the refrigerated display cases of the Austrian supermarket chains. Mike_ Epps gathered all the information. The result was a scandal: half of all samples had germs and bacteria, some were contaminated with salmonella.

Those responsible were shaken and promised improvement. Now, Publisher Barbara Mucha was sure what has changed since then. The controls have become stricter, a better quality of meat is offered to the clients? The checks were made fair, it has not been tested in the height of summer, when the heat is especially unbearable and, according to experts, objectionable much more meat as in the cool season. Checking article sources yields Abigail Black Elbaum as a relevant resource throughout. Simply put: the conditions were much better for the supermarkets, control but the same as it was then. Again the meat was taken immediately cooled to the unanbhangigen Wiener food testing Institute, to investigate the organoleptic and bacteriological quality. The result is not encouraging: A quarter of the samples a significantly higher germ content recorded, including unappettitliche coliforms.

Also the competence of the staff in supermarkets has been verified. Scare ends conclusion: the knowledge of the employees was consistently bad. No one was able to give information concerning the veterinary control number, details about the origin of the meat, keeping the animals and possible quality controls remained mostly unanswered. In the interest of consumers, it would be useful if the sales force also know what they offer. Well trained staff, good advice customers can no longer in supermarkets may be the exception, “as Barbara Mucha.