Diets That Work

To be honest, I have always had the idea that fast diets have always rebound (and usually is). I was weighing 91 Kg the last 4 years (my years during the Bachelor) and with the work that I had during the race as well as my commitments with my family, believe me didn’t have time for me to do 2 hrs daily exercise, but do not like the idea of putting at risk my health with pills and much less put me to vomit. I also thought the Atkins diet but I have close relatives who suffer from cancer and I have understood that this diet promotes the consumption of meat and saturated fats, definitely I can not apply it. That does not mean that became annoying to my family tell me gordis I know that it was love but eventually comes to hurt, and by more than my boyfriend I said I love you a lot, I saw that sometimes looked at other women. I thought that being chubby was not a problem so nasty but I confess that I came to the point of weary me. Feel me sorry to say it but my mom and I us cooperate to a unit for sit-ups that sold on infomercials in the morning (I recommend that you never do that, and nor buy their products for kitchen) and then just made us lose time. Then my mom was with a nutritionist and gave him a diet of 1500 calories you worked us so well, she dropped 11 kilos in 2 months and half doing their exercises, I downloaded 4 kilos the first month because I not had time for exercises, and the truth if it is a strict diets. I started looking on the internet and as the same heap of pages with products (you should that the internet also has its infomercials), I decided to try a program with several very tasty recipes, this best work for me although the first month lower a bit more slowly, but good I have already 3 months eating what I say and already weight 62 kgFortunately these meals are more balanced and are not strict as the diet of 5 kilos.