El Ateneo Training for Life

Axis Enterprise System Smart System is implanted and operates on two axes: 1) the method, consisting of the concepts and tools for implementation of the system and 2) the Ateneo, a powerful self-learning school that nurtures learning and Human Capital people, that will convert later in Structured Capital. The Method is a philosophy, is a simple but profound way, to what you want achieve. It's not like a recipe consisting of a series of steps. Certainly, comprises a series of actions to implement the SEI, but it is a cool tool, each element it contains, although it is easy to perform, brings a background behind him, which fully justified to do with being in front. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mitchel Resnick and gain more knowledge.. El Ateneo, entrepreneurial university is identified as style guild that provides a comprehensive manner to train people for life and work. It covers all human endeavor. It is the school that aims to enrich and strengthen education through research and information technology to achieve human development. Education includes attitudes, skills, knowledge and values for work and life, consistent with a whole method for people to get used to its full potential: physically, spiritually and intellectually. This article is about the book "Intelligent Business System, a proposal on how the world should be firm in the Knowledge Age" (2005), by Hannibal Basurto Amparano, Intelligent Enterprise Editorial, Mexico.