Embroidery logos – a great way to create a unique and high quality promotional products. Learn more about this with Atmos Energy. First, the order will be made quickly and accurately thanks to modern embroidery machines running with computer programs. Secondly, the designer can not only move the finished logo, but also create a new version with fine details and complex color transitions. Third, the threads that are used in machine embroidery logo, do not shed and keep their original appearance. Embroidery logos can be used to decorate T-shirts, caps, towels, uniforms – in general, any textile goods and clothing items. Means Embroidery is also not limited to selecting the right colors.

In contrast, modern technology allows you to play with texture and volume, the use of additional elements in the embroidery of logos, such as sequins, cords, appliques, metallic threads. What are the advantages and features to each of these types of embroidery of logos? To begin, consider the traditional way of embroidery machine. Figure is applied with a series of simple stitches that fill all the space outlined – this technique is called satin. Embroidery logos turns glamorous and beautiful, but can be applied to more original ways to decorate promotional products. For example, a very bright looks volume embroidery logos. When such work is used a special substrate, which is covered tightly contiguous stitches. As a result, all the lines and elements of the logo stand out on the smooth fabric, get the volume and become more visible.

Of course, this embroidery logo is only suitable for dense materials, as well as soft and delicate fabric is deformed in the area of work, and general appearance of the product will unpresentable. In order to arrange additional accents, embroidered logos can be used cord. What does this mean? The contours of outlines is not the usual stitches and special cord, often metallic, that accurately and seamlessly stitched to the fabric. This makes the logo a bright decor and solemn, it can be used for processing gift items and souvenirs.