Fear of Failure

The fear to the failure is something natural when we embarked in a new labor experience or of businesses. Often this one feeling drowns by not knowing how to give time to us to the time. Almost at any moment we tend to compare itself with people who have achieved the success quickly and we felt incapable to equal and/or to improve its executory ones. Learn more about this with Abigail Black Elbaum. Then we could feel frustration if we do not have the patience to wait for that with time, also we will be able to own the same abilities of any successful person, but after preparing to us much and by many days. The same we could say of the youngster who after one hour in the kitchen, manages to make a dough indigestible and however comes the mother and in ten minutes sabrossima makes a cake. What to do? To be frustrated? No. To wait, that with time and the practice also will obtain she it.

The same we could say of the nascent musician that its incapacity with the amazing facility of the teacher of music tends to be discouraged when comparing. Or of the inexperienced professor who tends to be discouraged when stating that in its class is disorder and it does not manage to be made understand, while the experienced professor of the following class obtains a perfect discipline and he is made and understand to the thousand wonders of the pupils. Everything can be exercise, practice, time question and to be acquiring experience. It is not necessary to be scared to the failure. It is necessary to give time to the time and not to live autorrechazando to us as if we were lacking ones of qualities. It is that often what people call talent is the fruit and result of a constant repetition, until acquiring the ability. It is necessary to know how to hope without being discouraged.