Next, the connection and installation of equipment in the provision of facilities or in the manufacture of outdoor weatherproof unit container. Can also be equipped with any power system, automatic start and load management. Already installed generators can always be improved. To refine applies noise reduction, installation of ventilation and exhaust system. 2. For the office. Timely receipt of information, operational data processing and secure storage has become an integral part of modern business. Damage pbx undone server database loss can cause serious financial damage to any organization.

Installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solves this problem only partially (the time of the ups without additional storage shelves does not exceed 7-10 minutes). Indeed uninterrupted can only be described a complex consisting of the generator set with automatic start-up and modern ups. Proper selection of equipment for such a complex – not an easy task because you need to correctly calculate the necessary power and hardware configuration. Then it is necessary to carry out installation and commissioning work. With the personnel involved in the operation of this sophisticated technology is required to conduct appropriate training 3. For production. Any production facility with modern equipment, regardless of assigned tasks, is energy-intensive structure, often comprised of elements with non-stop cycle of work. Commissioning of the complex after power failure – a problem and costly technically difficult.

Generator set on the basis of the modern diesel engine will provide a guaranteed power supply for your production. Generating set is necessary to choose the most relevant conditions set for the complex energy production. Then it is necessary to carry out installation and commissioning, as well as to ensure normal functioning of the generator Installation requires the creation of the electronic and mechanical systems. Mounted diesel and gasoline generators should be subject to regular servicing and modernization. Proper selection and purchase necessary equipment is only half way to solving the problem by creating a strong and truly uninterruptible power supply complex. Even the best technology is not able to achieve before its objectives and will not be able to fully disclose inherent in it the potential developers, if it is put into operation by unqualified experts who do not have the necessary skills and experience in carrying out installation and commissioning of equipment of this complexity.