HANA Training

FIVE1 / Glooobal FIVE1 cooperation will first carry out the training sessions developed by Glooobal for the SAP HANA platform in German-speaking countries. The offer is aimed to graduates of the SAP course TZHANA and ambitious newcomers who have Studio HANA first practical experience in SAP. Approach referred to the “Hands-On”, the solutions are independently developed by the participants in the deployed SAP HANA training system. The training ranges from modeling complex calculation views using SQL script and R, to the use of the UI development toolkit for HTML5 based on the XS engine. The fuzzy search on unstructured data, such as, for example, pdf documents, completes the offer. Max Schireson is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

The training will be provided mainly in the form of an online course. Here, a SAP-HANA expert accompanied the participants for two days through the exercises. The maximum number of participants to twelve is limited to ensure good care. The link is to the trainer and the training environment manufactured via a WebEx session. The training machines running in the Amazon Cloud, which ensures that all participants have the same environment and no training time for the installation of software is required.

Training system is a data model with about 50 million records from a real-world scenario provided. The participants have the opportunity even after training for five more days on the training system to access. SAP StreamWork can be accessed on the solutions of the tasks, as well as other course-related materials. We are very proud that SAP has already reserved a first training quota. Sign prospects under for 500.