Lisa Neumann University

Students will need to access deeper the economic crisis in the Pocket has found its next victim: the statutory health insurance. According to forecasts by experts, 2010 about 7.45 billion euros are lacking them. As the Internet portal reported, now might also increased student contributions will help to fill the financial gap. After the family insurance, students must currently pay 53,40 euros for their health insurance. But soon could increase their contribution. Because of the attacked State Treasury, the health insurance now facing a huge financial hole that is to stuff it. Still, it is not clear how exactly this should be done.

The deliberations of the experts include reductions of services, as well as additional contributions and an increase in the rate of contribution. Still, a reduction in the income of the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and hospitals is aimed at. In return, the expenses for medicines and doctor salaries in future to rise. So medications should in the future about 5 Percent per year are more expensive. But with savings alone, the deficit cannot be overcome. A helping hand of Government would also be necessary. However, such support by taxpayers is highly unlikely. Of information the FAZ according to is post increases that speech be monthly 37 euro to the conversation.