3 – Lack of legal coverage, being a U.S. (Similarly see: Jeremy David). company, all disputes that reach the legal remedy must be resolved in the United States, presenting the least difficulty for foreign users to defend their rights by legal means. 4 – Paypal conditions are abusive and constantly changing, between the pages of conditions shows the lack of international law on these businesses. According to their conditions PayPal accounts can proactively block a user without further explanation. There are numerous threads on forums to this kind of abuse by Paypal and there is even formed partnerships of users who have filed lawsuits. 5 – Paypal can repossess the balance of the account indefinitely, just as in section 4 to recover the amounts seized were required paperwork and lots of patience, because their customer service is almost as efficient as e-Bay . And of course the quantities seized are guarded by Paypal as long as the “research.” 6 – The user always has to lose to any problem, PayPal to be the sole judge’s decision that suits you to the company. If the user receives a payment made with a stolen credit card funds will be seized, if the money is lost to manage the collection the user will have to make countless paperwork to qualify for recall, if a buyer does not receive the product only receive a portion of the amount provided they can seize these funds to the seller.

7 – Paypal accounts are a coveted prize by cyber-criminals often receive fake emails pretending to be eBay or PayPal in the hope of having access to the accounts of its users. While PayPal is not the only company that has been the victim of spoofing it is true that it is one that suffers most. Using PayPal means having to accept the business ethics of this company and expected to act honestly for reasons of prestige, but because of the lack of a legal framework covering such activities is not an institution that offers security to its users.