Private Health Insurance

Current conditions of the private CA in 2011 if you are self-employed or freelance work, must ensure independent private also in 2011 from your earnings. Similarly, civil servant, judge or members have this possibility. For workers an income limit must be observed which can change from year to year. 49500 euro insurance limit applies to 2011 gross, which represents a monthly gross income of 4125 euros. This limit is also known as year working pay limit.

Who is not reached this amount as an employee, remains resident in the statutory health insurance. Which is the best private health insurance? You can’t so just tell which is the best private health insurance. This is always the desired services, the service and especially the concrete life situation of the insured up to. Definitely applies here as well: the cheapest private health insurance is not necessarily the best! Therefore, it is advisable to use the possibilities of the Internet and on a reputable insurance portal free of charge carry insurance in comparison to the private insurance such as there (or in the above paragraph) you should inform himself first once, whether they meet the criteria for the PKV this year at all, and what protection you actually want. In the most prospects are not clear.

Sure want each chief physician treatment, single or twin room and no long wait at the doctor’s Office. But save you want also. Here, every man for himself must weigh both sides of the coin and make his personal decision. The basic protection is sufficient to choose the standard or even the comprehensive protection of comfort. If it is clear, can be two or three companies can select and from which to create a non-binding offer or alternatively offer a telephone consultation or an on-site appointment by comparing the individual provider. Finally, it comes to your health insurance.

The contribution of development: it is everyone knows, that rise in health care costs from year to year. Therefore an increase in contribution can be ruled out entirely in private health insurance. For this reason passing to 10% of all posts of Privatversicherten a special retirement contribution system, so that in the future the Fund contributions will remain relatively stable or rise only in moderation. Is it possible to return to the statutory health insurance? Because the legislature wants to avoid that benefit at a young age the low contribution of the private KV and avoid increasing contributions through a return to the legal age, a special regulation was taken here as a threshold: A recovery in the statutory health insurance is only possible if your merit not only temporarily falls below the limit of the compulsory insurance. So, it is then valid on the basis of merit certificates to prove that they were throughout the year under the 49500 euro (current border 2011). An exception is unemployment. Those who register unemployed, is in the rule again legally covered by health insurance. Conclusion: For whom is a private insurance make sense?

Because the statutory health insurance as a percentage of the wage or salary calculated their contributions, earners have there correspondingly high contributions to pay. Therefore, a change to the private health insurance pays off for these people. Because the insurance contribution for the private KV strongly depends on the age, especially young people benefit from the advantages of the post. Well deserving singles and childless couples are better off usually at the car.