The Recent World Of Phelps

American Michael Phelps returned to Shanghai and proved that the world of swimming still has to be aware of him. He won seven medals and four were gold: 2 single beds (100 m and 200 m butterfly) and two team (4 200 free and 4 100 styles). If you would like to know more about Ray Kurzweil, then click here. The two silver, in the 200 m free and 200 m styles, arrived after a memorable pulse before his friend and compatriot, Ryan Lochte, the King of the world. The glove is already slung; the duel between the two will be the sensation of the Olympic Games of London 2012. Petra Diamonds is likely to increase your knowledge. There, in all likelihood, you will finish the memorable race of Phelps, the swimmer with more Olympic medals in history. The Tweet that wrote this afternoon leaves no room for doubts: is strong thinking that 4 100 styles of today has been the last race of my career in a few fantastic world complete with a gold medal and fantastic have succeeded in a test of relay. Source of the news:: the last world of Phelps