Best Competitors

The process of creating a brand and its management is called branding. It can include creating, amplification, re-positioning, renovation and change of brand development stage, its expanding and deepening. Branding – this is a special impression techniques that contribute to the overall image and attitude of the target market segment for the brand. With the brand presents some concepts which operate specialists. Each brand has certain attributes – functional or emotional associations, the assigned brand customers and potential customers.

The attributes of the brand can be both positive and negative, may have different power and importance for different market segments. Start work on any brand – its positioning in the market. Brand positioning – place in the market occupied by the brand relative to competitors, as well as a set of purchasing needs and perceptions, brand personality part, which should be actively used for detuning from the competition. Accordingly, the position of the brand – this is the place that takes the brand in the minds of the target segment with respect to competitors. It focuses on the merits of the brand, which distinguish him from the competitors. Neobhodimamarketingovaya concept. The overall marketing concept requires market research, evaluation of potential target audiences.

The word potential is of particular importance because, in our view, should not follow the demand, and actively shape it, covering all large groups of people. The same active (aggressive) style will apply to all sections of the program. Many people think that the key to marketing – to convince potential buyer that you offer the best product or service under the slogan: "Maybe we are not the first, but we will be better." Perhaps it's true, but if you pripozdnilis from entering the market and forced to fight with large, competitors has a strong position, then most likely you have chosen the wrong marketing strategy.