The Challenge Of If Coexisting The Differences

Which the reason? – The reason, I prefer no to count. – T forgives, I only asked pra to be able to help you, but if you prefer not to count I respect. At this moment he appears of motion the Rodrigo, seeing the Eddy crying, question what he had: – The Eddy fought with the parents. – it answers Makes bristle – It is this same! after the lessons I do not come back pra house! – esbraveja Eddy – Pra where you go? – question Rodrigo. – Still I do not know. – To want you can come with me, for my house after the lessons, is the time there that to want.

– Rodrigo Was valid! – Friend is for these things! Rodrigo arrives with the two of motion in the school. In the classroom, the Julieta, friend of Erica that saw the arrival of it, question: – You lode with the Rodrigo? – Ah! He is that agent you giving a force for the Eddy, it wants to run away from house, fought with the parents and is very sad, I it in such a way wanted to find a skill of helps it. – The Eddy is a good looking one! – Julieta says – Amiga! you liked it Eddy? if to want I can approach vocs two, Is an excellent idea to liven up it! – But, I only said that it was pretty! – Therefore it said the same thing of you! – He is same! The two set a plan, Julieta dissimulate a collapse, Make bristle ask for the aid of the Eddy to take the friend the infirmary.


Ah! I remember as if he had been yesterday the first time that vi the sea. I woke up or they had waked up better me very early still, was dark and I was led half sleeping. I do not know if was, my grandmother, two aunts and I, of bus or car. I only remember to see me dressing a yellow bathing suit with red flowers, ahead of that so powerful imensido and water stranger. The racket of deafened me to the sea and all my directions were confused.

I arrived to think that it was a dream, or nightmare; size was the impact that caused me that vision. My grandmother held my hand or I held the hand of it, I do not know. I do not know how many years it had; one four or five years perhaps. I had a compound of fear, joy and gratitude to some thing, but in special it, D. Albertina, my grandmother. For it to be there, with me, dividing and providing me, a so magical, only moment in my life, and nothing with the hand of my grandmother to support me. Frightfully pretty thing the sea, to the eyes of a child.

One without end of water and sky. The water was green, shining and sparked under the sun. Still I smell I feel it of the sea; that sea of my infancy, and also its flavor, salty, salty ……………… I enter in ecstasy when remembering this day, with the divine sensation caused that me and left roots, of the wind that came there of far, of that place of the sea, where I found that nobody I could have fond. There, in the side of the sea, with its waters wetting my infantile feet, with my grandmother holding my hand and saying any thing that I never knew that he was, I felt a thing that until today I do not know to explain. In that instant I could know ' ' the holy ghost ' ' , as much that, still today, all the times that I think about God, I believe that of all the things who I know, the one that more comes close in similarity the God, either the sea. Immense, intense, mysterious; of and it takes off the life. Guard of secrets and mysteries. There either night that is day, it continues, fearless, strong, powerful. It does not need nobody to continue to exist. It could write in details, all the possible tricks in the praial Could speak of the wonderful dainties that my grandmother prepared; of the fear that felt to lose me of it, in that so unknown world. But I cannot translate words the generous joy that overflew of my grandmother, in its words, affections and attentions with me. today, close or far from the sea, still I can feel the same sensations of the first day and there the homesickness that I feel of it, of it and me blows up.