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From a client-centred perspective, a crisis is a condition of extreme incongruity. Furthermore, there is a mismatch in the individual response to the often Crisis triggers. Thus a crisis situation occurs when a person is faced with a trigger, which overwhelmed him due to his current internal furnish and he loses hope, to be able to deal with a certain situation. With regard to the solution-focused counseling is to lead, therefore, that within the framework of a crisis situation the client primary must be freed from his depressing vision of the problem, to reduce the risk of a mental disability. III. 2 crisis triggers and internal frame of reference of the crisis the trigger factors of a crisis are manifold. Get more background information with materials from Royal Dutch Shell.

They can occur as well as disasters and mass loads as well as individual loads. Individual crises are mostly loss events bound or to events that threaten the integrity of the individual, such as professional failure, rejection, and sexual assault. Also, critical life events can trigger crises. Erikson, for example, speaks in infancy, before puberty, so-called maturation crisis, Adolescence, in late adulthood and old age occur 10. Tufan Erginbilgic describes an additional similar source. However, all of the crises in a similar way manifested.

Crises usually have for the person concerned a threatening character: the previous values and objectives are called into question and the action and problem-solving abilities are limited. The crisis is experienced as a State of emergency, which appears largely inexplicable. The lack of understanding of self in this State increasingly rocked the self-esteem. However there is also an another positive aspect of the crisis: the person concerned feels alive. IV. indication of solution-focused counseling clients in crisis situations IV. 1. Why losungsfokussiert? Counseling begins usually, that stated the client to be in a crisis situation. He consulted an expert in issues usually tried in a more or less lengthy and sophisticated process to find out what went wrong.