Windows Vista

Windows 7 is the latest operating system. This Microsoft program was launched October 22, 2009.anos soon put on sale Windows Xp and Windows Vista, which brought many improvements that distinguished them from Windows ME and 2000. It has recently run the rumour that the next operating system will be based on cloud backups. A few days earlier, a Microsoft employee, leaked information about what could be the next Windows. He wrote on his blog that the working groups that have been created will transform the expectations that the public has in front of a PC and how to use it.We speak of the PC of the future. It should be noted that nothing is safe because it could have been a joke or a way to attract publicity to the company. Facial recognition in Windows 8 Microsoft unveiled its next software information, noting that that program will have facial recognition. This means that the user only need sitting in front of the monitor to log into your account. He was also reported that a fast startup & shutdown button is added. This just wait for next year which will give more details about that system operativo-Windows 8-. Original author and source of the article