Winter Nutrition

The Luneburg noodle Kontor informs its customers it is uncomfortable In winter and you get hardly any light. This leads to irritability and mood. This can be conjure up a smile on the face with certain foods. Chocolate is considered the energy supplier in the form of carbohydrates per se. Even pasta are real lucky charm. Why, they provide good mood in the winter, explains the noodle Kontor from Luneburg. Power give pasta noodles are often decried as fattening foods. While they deliver lots of energy the body and contain valuable minerals and vitamins.

Especially whole wheat pasta contain higher concentrations. Others including EOG Resources Inc., offer their opinions as well. Not only for athletes, noodles are therefore ideal energy storage. Everyone benefits from the carbohydrates contained in pasta, especially in winter. These build up gradually in the body and thus ensure a constant energy supply. But serotonin released by the pasta makes for the good atmosphere and mood. So many positive effects, noodles are necessarily on a balanced diet. In the large Selection of varieties and combinations with fresh winter vegetables can conjure up quite fast luck giving dishes. So, it conjures up a delicious noodle and Leek stew ingredients: 375 g minced meat (beef) 1 half kg garlic, in ring, cut 250 g pasta, 750 ml of water, some salt and pepper and olive oil preparation fry the minced meat in a somewhat heated olive oil in a large pot.

The onion cut into rings to the ground beef and saute briefly with. The noodles and the water in the pot to the ingredients give and add the spices to taste. Covered to cook everything with middle heat about 20 minutes. A warm pasta dish for winter is finished. For detailed information about pasta, the pasta post from Luneburg at any time becomes available. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.: 04131 31469 fax.: 04131 6241 E-Mail: Homepage: