Defect Data Recovery

When the consultation of a professional data rescuer is advisable. As a project developer for a medium-sized company in Berlin, Christoph is F. frequently in use at the respective headquarters of the customer. Thus, it is hardly surprising that is on the laptop provided by his or her employer to use both private and company,- and project data of its customers are. When I think back now to me is still a cold shudder down the back “, says Christoph F.

It happened a few days ago, at the height of summer 2010 the day before I had my notebook, as usual, properly shut down. The next morning, when I tried to turn on my laptop as usual, heard I clicking only a faint staccato-like my hard drive and a DOS message (no boot device found). Unfortunately, my last backup was 6 weeks old and the thus occurring despair naturally big. “An absolute worst case scenario for any IT user, data loss is due to a failure of the hard drive create a backup in particular when, as in the case of Christoph F., some time back is that the last backup was not properly created turns out, or it is generally been neglected. So it can happen that a PC or a notebook crashes during operation, remains in operation, or completely fails. According to this there may be, at the next system startup numerous error messages: various blue screens no.

boot device error file system error underlying process reported an error Linux stops during boot remains above error messages so only data recovery of hard disk, back as a last resort to gain important and valuable data. Also arise above stated problems with frequent use of the PC or notebook. So, hard disks can heat or completely fail due to a surge. Regardless of what has led to the loss of data, it is in such situations, important and right to keep calm and first to inform about any remedial steps or measures. The Falscheste thing you can do in such situations, is to expire, without knowing what you are doing, or what risk exposed himself and his data in hectic actionism. In all cases of disk defects, there are the following possibilities: application of software for data recovery and data recovery: If you can rule out the physical defect on a drive to one hundred percent and make sure, that the hard drive is only logically corrupted, so the use of data recovery or data recovery software is useful. If you are subject to a mistake of your assessment but or does not properly use the software, so this can in the worst case to a complete loss of your data lead, or seriously affect in less severe scenarios, the data recovery results. In all cases of physical damage, recovery = in the laboratory: professional results require professional service providers. Professional service provider in the field of hard disk data recovery have professional Hi-tech equipment, a clean room laboratory, and continuously trained staff with years of experience. Only here, there are the best conditions for the best possible result in the recovery of your data.