CRM Applications

As we come commenting the solutions in Cloud Computing acquire every day more force. The Cloud to day of today not only considers like a technological solution to lower costs for the companies generally, but also like solution to improve the competitiveness of the European companies. The past week the Neelie Kroes, vice-president of the Commission European and responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe announced in World-wide the Economic Forum of Davos, the creation of the alliance European Cloud Partnership whose primary target will be to look for common terms of hiring of Cloud services and to develop standards that guarantee the security and the competition. According to the textual words of Kroes, cloud computing will change our economy. It can bring productive benefits to all, from the small industralists to the individuals. It promises safer and efficient scalability, services flexibility and lower costs . See more detailed opinions by reading what Google offers on the topic.. In this blog always we have defended the technology like a tool stops improving the competitiveness of the companies reason why we could not be more in agreement with the exposition.

Although time will tell if this it has a short term real reflection in the economy and coverall if the SMEs will be able to be benefitted from these programs. Applications CRM in the Cloud The Cloud Computing is a flexible solution that contributes to improve the resources available in the organizations, including, logically, the computer science ones. For that reason, we were whereupon, every time there are more applications adapted to this surroundings. The CRM free, by all means, are not other people’s to this technology. The proposal of many manufacturers, in the market of the Cloud Computing, contemplates three basic formulas of commercialization of licenses and on watch.

The model of commercialization in SaS way, del that or we spoke in this blog, in which the use of application CRM for clinics in Cloud platform is offered to the clients in rent, or payment by use by the operation of the software and that entails services bound to its implantation and evolution turn that it into a very attractive supply. The sale of licenses of the CRM in property, that will be used lodged in the CPD of the client. Although this option does not represent a direct reduction of the necessary investment in software and hardware, is a very interesting option for the companies with multiple locations or an important number of movable users. Sale of licenses of software CRM Jurisoft in property and its use lodged in the CPD of the manufacturer. One is a model of commercialization designed for the companies that want to introduce themselves in the Cloud world but which still they do not trust the concept of rent of applications. This model offers a reduction of the investment in initial hardware for the client and the possibility of extending the fan of services with those related to the consultancy.