Mini Course

The list ” Opt In” or of subscriptores it deserves special atencin. The people do not register generally without having one razn to do it. The best one of them is to free offer Reporte, a series of Videos or Minicurso to them that contain the news, new features or valuable information, useful and original. This will help you to establecerte like an expert in your niche of market and to create a relation with your potential clients, cradle in the confidence and this one, creme, it is a fundamental thing in order to create a residual source of income that will allow you to make money using Internet from house. Minicurso is due to create in separated archives, preferably in ready text and to raise when autoresponder.

The connections will be inseridos at the time of raising them. The messages do not have to be unnecessarily long not to bore to the reader, two hundred words are sufficient. A ten is due to create around series of remote email sent of six to ten days, must be written guaranteeing a brief, concise and fluid reading and using an amiable language, as if you spoke with a friend, without to forget the fact that you must be known like an expert in the matter. It creates sense of expectancy: at the outset and end of each chapter you can use phrases like this one, for example: ” Hello, friend, today wanted a technique very important that much people do not know. Then they do not know that they lose 30% of the sales by errors that can be avoided ” At the end of each chapter it is necessary to anticipate a little what you will say in the following mail, trying to maintain lives the curiosity on the reader; the expectation is a very powerful psychological tool that must be explotadoa and used. Finally it tries to include your connections or links of way nonforced without altering the writing and inviting to do click Invita always to your readers to participate envindote the doubts or questions. This will help to find the inspiration you for its articles and successive messages of electronic mail, will create a bond of confidence with their readers, you can reponder to all using a general method. For example putting a new article in your blog, creating Gratuitous Reporte to unload with inside your Link, authorizing your readers to give them and until you can find the subjects to create other Minicursos.