Customizing The Mass Email Using A Free Internet In Minutes

The emails generated by the name of the person receiving it is important in mass mailings, gives some tips to achieve this through the free software provided by Personalized Email Sender Cromosoft Technologies. Usually people prefer to hear his name without exception, and this applies to communications in general especially email. Creating an email with personal data attract attention to the reader, the message is sent and I know you’re important, is our recipient of the e-mail a friend or a client. All with the aim of achieving retain contact. A personalized email and the name of the recipient may include other information such as address, service or product which has interest, etc.. This is limited by your imagination. The most tedious for possible uses may be sent an email each time copying the same text, changing the name and email address.

Repeating the process as many times as necessary. On the other hand there are professional solutions Windows software for a lower cost in the hundreds of dollars as a Mass Mailer, using a combination of Microsoft Office applications from Microsoft, etc. While web servers can run scripts that periodically send large volumes of email newsletters, type “newsletters” for hours or days, since it often applied restrictions on the amount of emails generated by the servers on the Internet. It involves connecting to the server, select our list of recipients and schedule delivery, unfortunately not all of these services available via the Web or handle high volumes of emails to send. Many prefer to outsource the delivery of which is counter-mails that are generated in directions with which our readers will not relate these emails often ending in the Junk mailboxes. Providing a simple and free solution was created Personalized EmailSender, software that lets you send emails from a simple file comma-delimited text, “csv”.

Recall that CSV files are easy to format documents that represent data in a table where the columns are separated by commas and line breaks records. You can export your Outlook contact list, Windows Live Mail, etc. A csv file. Load the file into Personalized EmailSender, insert respective field codes or labels to be replaced by csv file data in the message body or in the case, select the column with the email, configure your account data supports SMTP including TLS authentication and press send it will generate one to one every email. If you want to send images or attachments we recommend copying them to a web page html and embed these elements in our mail as external elements. This reduces transmission times also do not overload the tray of the receiver, it also allows you to make actual statistics, since one item that when loaded as an image from a server we can see access logs generated activity.