SME Management

The hero reveals the possibilities of human nature, the celebrity reveals the possibilities of the media. Daniel Boorstin should both the national government, business associations, as Capemiac, for example, the same Fedecamaras, worrying about the reality of SMEs, many have ceased to operate, and as a gift to others, the few that remain, at are doing does not conform to this demand claiming national stage, especially to domestic consumers. Each time you notice as the country’s business sector is in crisis, leading it to supply their markets, the national government has to make use of import, leading to a dependence on foreign products which seriously damages the country’s productive sector. Should the national government, the same companies, linked more sane reach enable them to operate, support for results that favorthe country’s economy and avoid a lot of capital flight towards the purchase of commodities, condemning SMEs to disappearance.

The management of SMEs currently facing many problems, is in fact in a crisis because it has been one of the sectors most affected by the current economic, political and financial facing the country. Some problems can be noted Technological innovation and survival: The strategy of innovation can be defined as the standard of conduct that guide decisions of a company to innovate, modify, replace, create or replace their products or processes administrative. A company can undertake different types of innovations (West 1992), each of which has a field of opportunities and pose specific requirements. a Given the breadth of choices in terms of innovation, it is desirable for the company, particularly SMEs, which must continually innovate to win loyal customers, to take a strategic decision in this regard..