External Connector

It is fixed by order of the enterprise, otherwise if you audit does not prove that only two members are connected to server. Multiplexing. The concept of multiplexing is extremely difficult to explain to non technical person, but try to explain a specific example. Represent the two servers connected together, call them C1 and C2. Company is required to install sql Server and ensure the work of 10 staff with a database and, accordingly, the company wants to save on the purchase of client licenses. What they do: set on the C2 sql Server, and on C1 some free database data, requires no client licenses. The result is that the main database is on sql Server, which is set to C2, and the employees actually refer to C1, who in turn receives a request, takes data from C2, and sends to the client, ie, works as a mediator and thus 10 employees free of charge connected to sql Server.

Here is the C1 – broker-switch is a multiplexer, and this scheme is forbidden in the case of verification would criminalize responsible for 146 st.UK.RF. The rules clearly stated that the multiplexing and intermediate equipment does not affect the licensing rules, nor on the number of licenses. To summarize: to provide 10 staff working with sql Server need 10 sql Server cal. External Connector. What is an External Connector, try to make out a concrete example. In this case, the best example is the need to create an online store. Imagine that some company has decided to an online store, or a information portal for the provision of goods or services of their company.