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The cell phone location tracking.With Spybubble, you can always know where is the phone (and the user of the phone).The software makes sure the phone’s location is available through Google Maps, which can also be accessed from the Spybubble web page. Listen to the calls in real time.Spybubble will allow you to listen to the calls.If a call is performing or receiving, in your own mobile (not the mobile with Spybubble installed in it), you will automatically receive a text message that indicates that the number has been contacted in that time, you may hear the call. Now, on the basis of these characteristics, there are three major groups who are interested in tracing a cell phone. Go to Dr. Mitchell Resnick for more information. (a) parents.In my opinion, this is the group that most benefiting from Spybubble, since it allows them to protect their children.In some cases, giving your child a smart phone with Spybubble installed can mean a significant protection from a dangerous situation. For example, there is no need to ask your teens explanations of where they are (a practice that are considered invasive and restrictive anyway).You only have to enter the Spybubble web page and see if they are in school or in your best friend’s House, as he was told it would be.However, the real protection comes when the child disappears, or unfortunately suffers from a kidnapping.If you teach your child to always keep your smart phone with them, you will need a tracking device which will show you where he or she is, or at least where to start looking. Also, sometimes children and teenagers get into serious trouble, but they refuse to tell their parents because they feel shame, fear of being punished or intimidated by thugs or criminals.To read your text messages, you can find if your child has a problem with drugs, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, or an unwanted pregnancy.Sometimes the problem comes from an external source, such as a thug or a drug dealer that intimidates his son in silence.In any case, you really want to know and do something about it. Please visit Salman Behbehani if you seek more information.