Sara Carbonero World Cup

Already been about 3 months since Spain won the World Cup, we all remember key parties, the second round, the quarterfinals, semi-final and final match. We all remember the time which Casillas raised the World Cup. Then remember the kiss between the journalist and the selection of goalkeeper Sara Carbonero.Este last made toco in particular all we who work in the world of the beads and jewellery, you will you be asking because. The gorgeous journalist with his kiss blew up a bomb around the planet, the echo passage to the center of the attention of all newspapers worldwide fame since I spend a few minutes that the Spanish team won the World Cup a big media event and large television audiences, all in view of million and million of people. But there was one detail we bisuteros perceive, Sara Carbonero World Cup wore a bracelet of silk thread called Virgin or decenario, a bracelet with 10 knots as a rosary and a cross made with knots also. This type of bracelet has origins in Latin america, is a bracelet It serves to tell the ten prayers of the ave maria and if Sara Carbonero was not going it to take I think that nobody dreamed is to buy it.

But things were not so, as she is very pretty and has a famous, handsome, boyfriend rico in addition to being a good goalkeeper, rapresenta the girl in the summer in addition to being the girl of the World Cup, all this made that broke out a new fashion in 2-3 days following that ended the World Cup, everyone wanted this bracelet or learn to do it. The material of this bracelet in euro value surrounds the 10-20 cents, then by adding five minutes of work involved make it does not have a large final value since it uses little more than half a metre of silk of two millimeters, but in the days after the kiss between Iker and Sara are sold up for 6 euros each. Stores Add-ons had the Windows full of them with all the colors in which it was performed, up by Internet had companies that were advertised as specialized in this type of bracelet without speaking of eBay where if wrote in the bracelet Sara Carbonero search you salian 3-4 pages of search result. That’s the power of the television, thats the media power that has a great influence on all of us, I don’t want to demean the bracelet that bears esistiendo decades, nor express anything negative contro the young journalist and the goalkeeper in the selection, but you have to think that standard if she wore a bracelet made with the cable of the power supply unit of the computer probably could write this article because my daughter I would have cut the mine to make your own bracelet.