GTA Chinatown Wars

So the game started and shows us a video screen saver, which is flying the aircraft in the sky high, high. I do not know where he is flying, but for perfectly understandable to: in Liberty City. Then we show how the car rides through the city and of course the opening credits play. Action starts with what you find under water in a locked car. Your primary goal to break the rear window car with his fists.

In the bottom screen klatsat arm on the glass – it is simulates blows “with their fists on the glass.” Once you break the glass and will be on the surface of the water, swim right to the stairs (berth). Climb up onto the first rung and go to the machine – the machine hangs a blue arrow. Sit down in her car and starts with a screwdriver. How? In the lower screen, visually, all show what action is required of you: Now head to the one indicated on the map (radar) position. Upon arrival, exit the car and go to the yellow marker (Similar to the arrow) – this is the entrance to the China Cafe. In the intro one person gives you the coordinates of your home.

After, head to the house. There you will also expect an explanatory video: how to keep, and how to use the refuge. Clear stump – all in English! And we will write during the game, in Russian! Go into the house, klatsnite mouse in the bottom screen on the sofa (in some homes no sofa, but there is a chair) and save the game (your first achievement).