Convoy Conflict

Mission 48: Convoy Conflict. To accompany to your destination two trucks. We provide the motorcycle safety movement of the column. The mission is very short: and free. On the map one label "H-Shield". Mission 49: Evidence Dash. Catch up and take the assault vehicle.

Then take a course at any park, and stop the car on its territory: the farther away from people! After, go behind the car and open the trunk, put in his papers, and burn them. Next Ride in a specified location on the map. Mission is free! Appear on the map R and L. We take the mission to R. Mission number 50: Oversights. We climb into the territory of the warehouse, go to the roof and pick up a suitcase packed with a rifle. Collect it and our problem is this: Our man meets, it will have an armed attack, we must protect him and keep him as dead.

During the mission will receive $ 250. On the map instead of the R appears H and L. We take the mission to "H". Mission 51: A Rude Awakening. In this mission the need to pass in three places in the city and steal a car – and then destroy. It's simple. During the mission you will get nothing. On the map one label L, go there. Mission number 52: See No Evil. Get into a car and drove to the place. There we must ensure security around the city labeled cars. Close to the protected object "Stay away!".