Twilight Princess

Wii Remote allows those skilled in the games, and those who are inexperienced, to share the joy of the game, being in equal conditions. For those who grew up with video games, Wii will never feel that they have outgrown the game. For those who grew up before, will not have a sense that the games they have outgrown. Together with the Nintendo Wii you do not just feel like a player. You're inside the game. A mighty swing of his sword, aiming a bow or a rifle – these actions are no longer chained to the button gamepad. Wii controller lets you be in the middle of the action. Gone are the days when tennis player controlled pitching keystroke.

Now you – tennis, racket in your hands – Wii Remote. He – the sword, bow, golf clubs, wheel aircraft, automobile steering wheel and more. Characters will no longer imitate the movement for you – they repeat them for you. Those in whose heart has always lived the game, can now live in the heart of the game. If life – the game, as the classic, the Wii – the key to its higher level. Stripped wire and equipped with a motion detector, remote control makes the Wii Remote in any Game intuitive. With ergonomic controller you are managing game events, mimicking the normal, everyday traffic: You can beat the drum, play tennis or baseball, just holding Wii console in hand, and imitating movement of bats, rackets or drumsticks.

Agree, this is much more original and interesting than just pressing buttons. Nintendo made the Wii Remote from the remote controller is absolutely universal: in a game they need to hack the enemy, as if sword in the other it can smoothly rotate left and right, as the steering wheel This is your brush to paint, your golf clubs, wheel of your aircraft, your stick is the key with which you can open up a whole world of new gaming experience. Connect Wii Nunchak (Nunchuk) to the console the Wii Remote and get ready Congratulations: you've just started right away with both hands in a previously inaccessible virtual world. With the help of a pair of controllers, games can operate with unprecedented accuracy: it is your shield and sword in Zelda: Twilight Princess, and this is your way of controlling a character in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Red Steel. On the Wii Nunchak is the mini-joystick, and built-in motion detector. In first-person shooters, this controller takes all the functions of displacement, while Wii Remote control can be carried out other, more accurate and vivid action. In the simulation of American football with Wii Nunchak player runs from enemy defenders, and remote control Wii Remote to pass the ball free player.