Incremental Generally

It provides a generalized agreement to us of the system, it facilitates the possibility of I reuse and the evolution of the system. Also they are based on the use cases. 3.3 – Iterative and Incremental Generally it subdivides the system the divided parts of the system are the iterations and these result in the increments (versions) of software. Each increment is one-step part of the evolutionary model 4-Phase of the Unified Process Exists five (5) activities base to describe any model of software process. The figure to follow sample all these phases.

Figure 1: Phases of Unified Process 4,1 – Phase of Conception Is the phase where the activity of communication with the customer and planning occurs. In it the attainment of the requirements is carried through, the business rules and is also identified one brief architecture of the system (with which other systems software will go to interact, as for example). The requirements are gotten by means of the scene creation, with final users and the customer (that rare she will be the same person). From the scene the main cases of use of the system are created to be developed. In the planning the resources are identified, are evaluated the main risks, define a cronograma and in accordance with create landmarks for the application phases the incremental development of software. 4.2 – Phase of Elaboration Conceives the stage of planning and modeling (figure 1). In it they are fine and expanded the defined cases of use in the phase of conception, enclosed, it is the refinement and expansion of the model of architecture for the creation of the analysis model, the model of project, the model of implementation and the model of implantation.