John Lennon

The order of presentations could be guided by the number of the call or alphabetical order, in accordance with each professor. Each pupil will present its phrase for the group and the presentations will be evaluated through the palms and of the criteria established for the professor. Credit: Atmos Energy-2011. During the presentations, the professor will make the writing of the audio ones using a microphone, computer and the program audacity. In one room moment, after all the presentations, the professor will present for the pupils the condensed one of the writings of the phrases with the use of the computer and the device of sound. At this moment the pupils will make its evaluations on the result of its work, its importance and everything what to judge necessary. The professor will have to evaluate them and of form verbally written, valuing the creativity and the importance of this type of work for the acquisition of one second language.

ACTIVITY 2 Choice the certain word. It disciplines: Computer in classroom directed Activity to work with the letter of music " Imagine" of John Lennon to practise the understanding of texts in English Language. This activity is related with the use of the technological resources such as the Web, Date Show, Computer and device of sound. The objective of this activity is that the pupil is capable to hear and to identify the correct words that are part of the letter of music. Before carrying through this activity, the professor must select a video of music in question, to disponibilizar material printed matter to distribute for the pupils, being that the pupil receives a music with the options that will be selected and another one with the translation from the letter. Three lessons for the execution of this activity will be necessary. First the professor clarifies the group on what it will be work in the lesson and its objectives.