SCHOMBURG Waterproofing

On sealing of open balconies and terraces should be approached no less serious than a waterproofing of such a complex hydraulic structure as a swimming pool. Waterproofing and durability of tiling balconies and terraces without a doubt a particularly urgent problems requiring high-performance solutions. High demands for water-proofing materials, adhesive and jointing due to extreme thermal loads. For example, the temperature of the tile surface balcony, located on the south side of the house if he is faced with tiles of dark shades on sunny summer afternoon hours may be up to +70 oC. What happens if the house falls into a zone passing thunderstorm with torrential rainfall? Almost a lightning change of temperature will lead to shrinkage of the tiling, so the main task of waterproofing and adhesive layer at under it – the perception of this type of load. If waterproofing and adhesive layer can not compensate the shear stress, it will inevitably lead to the appearance of defects. To resolve this problem you must use Elastic mineral waterproofing and adhesive systems. Due to its highly elastic properties, they are able to take the strain.

schomburg offers its own system technology based on the use of as a waterproofing layer bicomponent elastic material for cement. Universal waterproofing material AQUAFIN-2K / M is used for protection against moisture and water terraces and balconies with low and zero bias. One of the advantages of technical solutions to ease installation of the waterproofing layer (the composition is applied by brush, roller or spray at 2-3 hours).