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Especially a moped test certificate, but also on the driver’s license, costs and benefits should be weighed heavily. The interest in a MOFA decreases quickly when a short time later the next higher class should be used. There are not only the cost of higher licence, but usually the cost of light motorcycles with increasing class of driver’s licence. A low class is however, if first of all practical experience should be collected. The correct selection of the motor scooter at the latest the question arises, which is the suitable scooter after the acquisition of the licence.

In principle, you can use both new and used scooters as a beginner. While buying a scooter in the stores is very easy, a person with experience in this area there should be private purchase. It may also be worth to go on one of the numerous online shops of dealers. Through high comparability of prices on the Internet, you can easily gain a bargain. Also in relation to warranty it can be worthwhile to choose a dealer quote, because they are to committed itself on used cars warranty to grant. Frequently Shell has said that publicly.

Tuning individual design, but please not even made! Cars, motorcycles or scooters. Tuning before any motor industry does today. The negative image is however not about. Because many areas of tuning are not allowed in normal road traffic. It must be however not generally waived tuning, just some rules of the game should be adhered to. Caution is recommended for beginners in the world of two-wheelers. Easily succumb the lure in his scooter modifications. This should be performed not only due to the usually non-existent skills when installing the parts. In the Internet, ordered products often have inferior quality and are approved also correct installation not in Germany. Here too, rather trust to a local dealer, which is achieving, where appropriate, by phone or in person. Many tuning measures must also be registered. It is therefore advisable when tuning on professional advice to trust. To You can find reviews, which can serve as a first assessment of the seriousness many workshops on the Internet. Care also should be taken on the certification by tuning workshops.