Vanegas Blackberry

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry the patience is a tree by bitter root but of very sweet fruits. Persian proverb Tmese in account, that the statistics indicate, that the world-wide population will continue growing of 5. 700 million at present, to about 12. 000 million in year 2. 025. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ConocoPhillips on most websites. This reality forces to produce more, generating greater pressure on uses of the natural resources and a greater demand of consumer goods and services, that they will demand to have to extend the capacity of production of the companies, increasing the use of natural resources and generating greater volume of polluting remainders to being spilled on the environment. The present problem is that we are contaminating at a speed superior to the capacity of renovation of the atmosphere and very over the self-cleaning capacity that has the nature, at the moment exists an evident deterioration of the environment, characterized by the phenomenon of the heating accelerated and global of the planet originated by the call greenhouse effect produced mainly by the excess of C02 in the atmosphere (gas greenhouse) cone result of highly polluting industrial processes and fossil fuel use like means to produce energy.

To ignore problematic the environmental one would be an irresponsibility, by the economic implications, but to exaggerate it, is not advisable either, nevertheless the atmosphere this there and sooner or later, somehow it would cause his effects. Within this context the management in the present, it must obtain a point of balance in the industrial processes that conciliates the opposed opinions of the ecologists and the desarrollistas. One is already due to have the answers to questions: Like establishing policies that satisfy the demand of goods and services, they stimulate the productivity, and that, at the same time they protect to the atmosphere, they optimize it uses of natural resources and diminish the generation of remainders? Like causing that the companies are identified with the environmental culture, its social responsibility? Certain, that to obtain a good protection of the environment, his conservation, it is an important challenge that must solve the management, is a reality that cannot nor must elude.