The Condition

The others 05 had been with doubt, for they did not make difference, because they had little commitment with the reading when they went for the LIE . ‘ ‘ Pupil Y; ‘ ‘ To read is very ruim’ ‘ name of the authors of the Story. Add to your understanding with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. For a group of 4 Year, the Story them was familiar to the pupils. Therefore, it was sufficiently satisfactory and efficient for accomplishment of the work. In this perspective, to work in a lesson informatizada takes in them to reflect and to invent another educator with procedures and activities that make possible the education processes learning. The teacher of the participant pupils in the Project of Research if motivates when perceiving that the pair of pupils searchs to cooperate itself enters itself.

Already the researcher capsizes that the computers are spreading out a new form of letramento, but is incapable to satisfy all the intellectual necessities that they stimulate, what it cannot leave of being made. 05. FINAL CONSIDERAES the involved ones in the research had perceived that the rule will always have to be to remember that the advent of the electronic age will not go to substitute the material printed matter, but the search for the easiness of access to the knowledge, having in its front, way printed matter and digital way, reconfiguring new ways to read, to write and to have access the workmanships. Therefore the great majority of the questioned pupils considers book source of knowledge, diversion and happiness. For the total deepening of educating she is necessary to produce air involving that provokes opened the desire to make questioning, that stokes the will to try the new, stimulating to learn the stranger, becoming possible the 19 appreciation and reflection so that it has capacity to think as a conscientious and transforming citizen. This idea to work the reading using the media Book printed matter having the computer as tool for the development of the reading in its screen, was treated to introduce different way of what already it comes being trod, to examine the possibility of awaking interest of the pupils, judging that they need information diversified being them citizens that go to construct its knowledge. from the moment where they had been informed on the research, they had started if to put into motion, to interact with the stranger, had felt that they were ahead of a new situation, and had been impelled if to appropriate of the technologies and the reading knowledge while. The Condition proposal allowed to educandos the access to these technologies and made with that the works, while researcher good had resulted starting to be more pleasant, cultivating the will to study, with motivation and comprometimento.

The difference in the level of learning of the language between the citizens affected the duration of the activity that more was delayed with the citizen less proficient. In fact, it has numerous technological creations that they had not become obsolete the previous ones. The computers foment the material production printed matter.