Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair accessories to improve the mobility with the wheelchair. Here, wheelchair users can find useful accessories. Useful wheelchair accessories increases both the mobility and comfort, from the person concerned can no longer run any reason: who largely want to get his personal freedom and independence, is mostly dependent on a wheelchair. In the commercial, the wheelchair is the various models. Ranging from the wheelchair with pure hand drive on electric-powered scooters to special wheelchairs for very specific physical limitations. Whether within your own four walls or outside in all weather conditions: useful wheelchair accessories greatly increased handling and comfort. As a general rule: the accessories for the wheelchair should be not only visually appealing, but above all practical and everyday use.

In addition to medical orthopaedic aspects, of course also a trouble-free progress plays a very important role for the wheelchair. For higher comfort in wheelchairs provide especially designed cushions as well as foot boards, padded armrests, or trays, the physical on the special circumstances of the wheelchair owner are adapted. In addition, there is heat pads, special thermal blankets or slip and Footmuffs, rain capes, which protect the wheelchair from head to toe from getting wet for the stay in the open air. Especially during the cold season, it can be quickly uncomfortable in a wheelchair. The body can not so quickly be cool with a warming accessories, such as heated clothing, warm seat pads or special West and the wheelchair can enjoy his excursions in the winter.

This wheelchair accessories usually using is operated by batteries. These not only energy-saving work, but can also comfortably on the socket recharge. For wheelchair users, who would rather move forward in manual mode, wheelchair gloves are strongly recommended. Protect your hands and the contact with the cold wheelchair is pleasant. The wheelchair through the acquisition of additional lighting or at least light strip on the wheelchair yourself, your backpack or clothing should think for rides in the dark. So he is considered at an early stage and better by other road users, which enormously increases the safety for all involved. Besides wheelchair accessories to improve the mobility and comfort, there are however also medically essential products. These include, for example, the positioning AIDS. Help a wheelchair which can sit not more upright on its own, to stay in an ergonomically favourable position. To facilitate the work of the care or service personnel, so-called converter as useful wheelchair accessories offer under certain circumstances. They serve to place the wheelchair without excessive effort from the bed, the Chair or the toilet in the wheelchair or vice versa. Company contact: HMM Sven Oppel Mr Sven Oppel in de bend 9 22880 Wedel fon…: 04103 9654104 fax..: 04103-9654336 web…: email: press contact: HMM Sven Oppel Mr Sven Oppel in de bend 9 22880 Wedel fon..