National Park Kruger

SINGAPORE (5 of January of 2011), global site of reserves of hotels with base in Asia and part of (NASDAQ: PLCN), announced their association with the chain of Protea hotels. The group leader in Africa with more than 90 properties of South Africa and more than 120 in all the continent. After his Protea association it counts on access to the control system of inventory of Agoda known like YSC (Yield Control System or Control system of Yield), patented software through what the hotelkeepers can control in dynamic form the inventory of rooms, prices, contents and promotions. Through the Hotel Group Protea will offer twenty properties in key places of South Africa. The properties of Protea include from luxurious cabins for safaris in the National Park Kruger, to modern hotels boutique " African Pride in the cosmopolitan centers of Johannesburg and Cape Town. As it divides to integral of his policies the Protea Group actively supports the social development and the sustainability of the environment, with action that they aim to protect and to maintain the local communities. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, the Hotel Group Protea has forged a reputation of excellence in the service and levels comfort superiors, satisfying to an ample phantom of travellers and offering establishments of 3 to 5 stars. The hotel Fire and Ice, in Cape Town, is perfect for the adventurers, combining an elegant modern design, proximity to the most popular sites of the city and an ample supply of sports of adventure like diving in cage with sharks, hang-glider and rappel. On the contrary, the Protea Hotel in the historical city of Stellenbosch offers to its guests a relaxed and colorful experience, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and vineyards, with recreation options that include strolls to horse, golf and until wine tasting.