ALPHA COM Germany And IQUADRATkooperieren

A partnership with a long-term effect for both companies of Wuppertal, in March 2013. ALPHA COM Germany GmbH, one of the largest service, cooperates up immediately with the manufacturer of workflow systems, Wuppertaler IQUADRAT AG. ALPHA COM offers a comprehensive service portfolio in the document management for more than 35 years. Every day, up to 1.5 million sheets of paper are processed at ten sites. In addition, the software manufacturer specializing in electronic information management IQUADRAT know-how in the area of workflow supplies.

Companies that use outsourcing when ALPHA COM, as well as the workflow system PHOENIX, can reduce their volume of paper and improve your document management processes. ALPHA COM scans and indexed analogue documents such as invoices, contracts and correspondence. The data is passed to the workflow and document management system PHOENIX electronically processed and managed. Avoids waiting times, to better use for example in the area of audit discount periods. Typical Of course there are workflow mechanisms such as escalation and representative rule. In addition, there are at any time all information for all eligible employees available. Is a huge time and cost savings, as no staff employed more tedious searching. A decision with long-term effects, which pays off.

Jochen Luckhaus, executive marketing & sales of IQUADRAT AG is sure: a nationwide well established service providers for input management with ALPHA COM, we have on our side. We promise much from this partnership to us that today companies are investing in solutions that optimize internal processes and promise as a sustainable quality improvement and rationalization. For the end customer Scandienstleistung and electronic workflow perfectly. complementary”only if it brings together the various expertise, customized solutions can be implemented. Intelligent information logistics provides the decisive added value for customers “, explains Peter Fischer, partner Manager D-A-CH and” MdGL ALPHA COM Germany GmbH. See and about IQUADRAT the IQUADRAT AG was founded in 2000 in Wuppertal is a system and software company specialized technical information management. Software solutions in the area EDM (engineering data management), workflow, and document management delivers tools for the management of information about the life cycle of IQUADRAT projects technical and adapting them to their customers to the specific requirements. In addition to consulting, system integration and implementation of information management systems, the company offers a wide range of IT services. About ALPHA COM ALPHA COM is one of the largest German scan service providers and converts up to 1.5 million paper pages. The Group operates in document management for 35 years and employs about 500 people at 10 locations.