Beta Systems Software AG

FormsRec users can rejoice: the new FormsRec release 5.0 is released. This qualitative leap was more than a commercial decision of formcraft there is a loyalty to our loyal FormsRec community. With significant improvements and technical enhancements, this new release is a quantum leap in the software. Some of the new features include: conversion to TCL 8.5 release under MS Vista release for 64-bit operating systems support the current Reco engines use of new Reco engines processing color images (JPEG format) Customizingmoglichkeit standard printers (depending on the document type) improvements in the ADK (E.g.: support the arrow keys) better way of removing unwanted backgrounds (Combs) Customizingmoglichkeit of the installation path FormsRec is an efficient solution to the document – recognition and document – analysis. Documents with the software can be classified and read, review OCR results, if necessary edit values, data and images export by capturing up to the processing in the ERP system or storage in the archive. Due to the high performance and scalable building FormsRec throughput numbers can easily be realised by several thousand forms per day.

formcraft has a worldwide installed base to over 500 customers of from different industries with its solutions for automated invoice receipt and automated form processing. The invoice reader of formcraft belongs to the leading products in Europe. Since market launch in the year 2000 the circle of well-known, internationally operating companies such as Volkswagen, Allianz, Orlen, Swarovski, tyco electronics, Lloyds TSB has grown u.v.m continuously. With mature products and proven solutions, we focus on what we can best: Premium software with maximum value for the customers of our partners, as well as customized services for these products. The formcraft GmbH was founded through a management buy out of Beta Systems Software AG in September 2008.