Business Practices

Certainly, I do not think I sought to appropriate it seemed he had hired lawyers because they are known all agreements, overtime, fees, assessments … so much knowledge and obligations on the employer, myself, to throw down tools and have a cigarette as long as several hours when I was not present. Between that and the cup of coffee the play came out quite expensive … both as a disease of muscle and bone that still crawl. Overall, if compared to what offered me some other workers, I can only praise the will and power of foreigners. I confirm the reluctance of local workers that when I bought my floor, up to 8 months I was waiting for me to call out of office do not know what made me a life insurance value of the mortgage, all through the lender. I, during those eight months, I thought the employees of that office are talking about the bridge or car is the most hated fellow while my application was rotting in a drawer somewhere. I know apart from my wife, who, working in an office recently, I commented that "people here," he kept going all day to take coffee and cigarettes.

Also for a role that went to legalize a state institution and upon reaching the office, which served from 9 am to 1 pm, was deserted. At 9:30 came the charge that he had left apologizing for inside left no smoking. He had left before I arrived, on time, in time to when he began his working day! For a cigarette! And because it was an official, untouchable, who had the nerve to give me that excuse. .