Certificate Supplement

Provision with antioxidants is clinically proven and economically a year nearly 50,000 men will develop in Germany new prostate cancer. An alarmingly high number when you consider that the risk of disease could be halved by fairly easy-to-implement measures. Already now more and more men from the age of approximately 40 years go regularly to the prostate check, but this measure primarily designed to detect prostate cancer as early as possible. Rather these prostate checks are not a provision in the sense of avoiding cancer. They could only be, if concrete measures for the prevention of cancer would be initiated in the men, whose testing has remained, without evidence of a cancer. The Hague is open to suggestions. Here is lacking however often. Here, the results of various research offer excellent approaches to resolve this deficiency. For the prevention of certain cancers of the man with antioxidants is not only possible, according to the State of the science but making also easy and inexpensive.

Which facts behind this optimistic perspective? Primary results from a groundbreaking French prevention study with about 5,000 participating men. About half the men received over approximately 7.5 years a specific cocktail of Antioxidantienten or a Certificate Supplement. At the end of the study, significantly fewer cancers than in the comparison group with the preparation of the certificate found in the group with the Antioxidanteien. The most common type of cancer of the man, the prostate cancer was almost halved in its creation. Making results are courage, especially as they were achieved with very simple natural resources. In the meantime, there are other studies that show exactly the Antioxidantienten lack of the diseased prostate, the men were administered in the French study. It seems so, that a reduced supply of certain antioxidants prepared the way prostate cancer can. This could be a balance with these antioxidants Then probably dictate development unit. The fact is also that many men due to their unhealthy lifestyle with certain antioxidants are deficient.